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PANIC at Multiverse High!
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DoubleBear Productions
DoubleBear Productions


is a visual novel/"otome" game by inspired by the visual style of the 1980s/1990s Saturday morning cartoons, and the humor of games like Hatoful Boyfriend.

The game was initially concepted as a joke during development of another title in the PANIC series - - and when that game changed direction, was put into development. The title is not only supposed to be a full game but also meant to raise funds and gauge interest in the series. to the project lead, Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, "We decided to take this route instead of Kickstarter so that no matter what, people would have a game to play, and get to know the characters and setting more directly."

Checking both the PANIC in the Multiverse! and PANIC at Multiverse High! websites, it's assumed each game utilizes the same core cast, albeit likely in different sorts of situations.


The player wakes up with no memory of their past - only the understanding that they're about to be late for their first day of high school. Upon arriving, they're threatened by a big tentacled monster in a letterman jacket, who names himself "Chad" and declared he's the player's rival. Over the course of the school year, the player must enhance their attributes, grow in popularity, and gain friends in order to face down and defeat Chad at Prom.

The player has 3 attributes - Nice, Cool, and Tough - and 6 possible clubs to choose from, with 3 in the morning (Sports, Study Hall, and Music) and 3 after school (Art, Drama, and Magic). Each club has 3 characters in it, with a total of 18 potential characters to befriend. Each one of the characters has a favorite attribute, making sure that even a player who focuses on enhancing only a single attribute will have two potential characters to befriend.


Details about all the characters in the game are available via the Address Book, which is accessible every weekend. The information about each club member will change depending on what stage of a relationship they are in with the player (not knowing very well, having a match on personality but not being close enough, close but not enough of a match in personality, good friends, or - for some - not friendly anymore).

If a player has become close enough to a character and built up enough points in their favored attribute, that character will contact them on the weekend and will ask to hang out. If the player invites them over, they'll be presented with a character choice (based on knowledge of that character's personality) that might potentially break up the friendship if not answered properly (although this is only a factor of some more nervous or guarded characters, some are too easy going to make this a big deal). If the player answers poorly, the character will leave and will no longer be a potential friend. If the player answers correctly, the character will befriend them, and be available to ask to the Prom when facing down Chad.

Club Rosters


  • Cold Snap (Tough)
  • Savi (Nice)
  • Vinka (Cool)


  • Staterius (Tough)
  • Mambanaga (Cool)
  • Lug (Nice)


  • Click (Nice)
  • MagiGator (Tough)
  • Rabbit (Cool)


  • Slick Anger (Tough)
  • Cupcake (Nice)
  • Remix (Cool)


  • Captain Cascadia (Nice)
  • Baby (Cool)
  • Pangari (Tough)

Study Hall

  • Getz (Tough)
  • Kablam-O (Nice)
  • Amunet-Ana (Cool)

System Requirements


OS: Windows XP+ (x86)

Processor: Pentium 4 1.7 GHz

Memory: 128 MB RAM

Graphics: Intel integrated chipset

Storage: 350 MB available space