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What is new in Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19?

Choose the most interesting and exciting adventures for yourself with Survival Maps for Minecraft PE. This time the authors offer the player the opportunity to try their hand at the arena of the world-famous game or visit a fantastic planet.

By the way, you can try to survive in very limited conditions, when the player has one block under his feet and nothing around.

One Block

A completely new kind of adventure is offered by the authors of this update for Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19. Initially, the hero appears in the game standing on just one piece of land. Moreover, for the test to begin and it will need to be destroyed.

In the future, after passing each of the stages, new blocks will appear. But they will also have minimal resources. The hero will have to use all his skills to reach the end.



This time, the players will have a difficult task – to use limited opportunities, being on small islands that float in weightlessness.

Interestingly, in this supplement for Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19, the authors have prepared a wide variety of locations. Such as taiga or a cave and even a valley of sand of souls.


 Squid Game

The main feature of this update for Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19 is that players get straight into the arena, where a fierce struggle is unfolding. Heroes should be very careful because vigilant guards are armed.

There will also be a statue of a girl on this map, which became iconic after the release of the Squid Game series. Follow the instructions and try to get to the finish line, otherwise, the hero will die.


 Star Wars

The truly iconic story about the incredible adventures of Luke Skywalker has served as the basis for many films, cartoons, and comics. This time, the developers of Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19 have created an entire planet, which is the birthplace of the main character.

Players can visit many famous places that are recreated in great detail.


 Single Block

With this update for Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19, players can have a very interesting and useful time. After all, it is one thing when a hero can explore the boundless world in search of useful resources and food.

The situation is completely different if there are practically no resources, besides, the hero is on a single block. As you progress through the map, various opportunities will appear and this adventure will be remembered for a long time.


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