7 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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With so much of the world still shut down, there's never been a better time to kick back and enjoy one of your favorite games. You can seriously argue that you're doing your part to fight the epidemic by staying at home and gaming. Next time load up your favorite game, go ahead, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Whether you're a casual mobile gamer, an MMORPG fanatic, and an FPS champion, or anything else, here are some of the best and cost-effective ways to upgrade your gaming experience so you can save your cash for in-game purchases or round the clock pizza delivery.

1. Comfort is King

As gamers, it's easy to sometimes be in denial about how we don't always have the habits. But if you want to play your best and get rid of that weird crick in your neck, you need to upgrade your seat.

You don't have to shell out $500 on a specially-made gaming chair, find something with enough back support to keep you comfy. And don't forget to get up once in a while. Take a break and do a little stretch. It's not only healthier but will help you play better too.

2. It's Time For An SSD

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will come with SSD built-in. That's because SSDs are way faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives.

While you await these new consoles, upgrade your current console or your computer to an SSD and say goodbye to long loading times.

3. Start Using a VPN

Gamers have begun embracing VPNs over the last few years. What is a VPN? A VPN or virtual private network is usually used to protect your internet connection and prevent hackers and other snoops from spying on you. Click here for more information: https://nordvpn.com/what-is-a-vpn/

Aside from massive security and privacy benefits, gamers have been found a variety of additional ways to use VPNs to their advantage. VPNs protect you against DDoS attacks and help you bypass ISP throttling and improve latency and performance in some games. And you can use them to change servers to access content worldwide. Talk about a win-win!

4. Get Better Sound

Sound is such a vital part of the gaming experience. It creates the immersion that lets them feel involved in the game. While many gamers upgrade to massive monitors or TV, they'll stick with whatever built-in speakers they have.

You can do way better, and it doesn't have to cost much. Nowadays, you can find gaming speakers that include subwoofers for extra-deep sound starting from $50 or less. As an added perk, you can use these to get better sound for when you watch movies and stream other content online.

If speakers aren't an option, consider upgrading your headphones to soak up the sounds of gaming nirvana quietly.

5. Improve Your Internet Speed

There are a few different ways you can improve your internet speed. While we always advocate upgrading to the best fiber internet you can afford, there are a few other things you can do to improve internet speeds.

You should first check that you're using the latest drivers for your wireless network card. Doing a Windows update should do this automatically; otherwise, you'll have to check manually online.

These days, many computers don't have dedicated ethernet ports anymore, but you can use a USB port or upgrade to WiFi 6, the newest and fastest WiFi standard.

6. Pay Attention to PC Power Management

This is especially important if you use a laptop for gaming. The power settings on your computer will determine how many resources your apps and games can use. If your computer isn't plugged in, you may be limited to lower performance—especially if your PC is in power-saving mode.

Plugged in or not, make sure your games have full access to your PC's resources. This is also a good time to scan for any background apps that may be consuming too much RAM or anything else that can disrupt your gaming experience. Likewise, you may want to consider switching to a dedicated gaming browser like Opera GX.

7. Break the Mold

Gamers are too often stuck in their niches. And while it's great to know what you like, it never hurts to try something new. After you've beat GTA V for the hundredth time, why not try out an RPG or a puzzle game?

There's always something new and exciting coming out, so try something different. You can always go back to your old favorites.

Now you have everything you need to have the best gaming experience possible. The only question remaining is, what will you play first?

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