Become CompTIA A+ Certified IT Specialist by Passing 220-1001 Exam with Practice Tests

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Opportunity with CompTIA

CompTIA is among the world's leading IT vendors. So far, it has already certified over one million specialists globally. This reputable organization has been providing certification exams as well as training for at least twenty years. CompTIA offers certification exams for IT security, computing support, Linux development, networking, etc. which are reviewed often to be at par with the current industry standards.

CompTIA offers numerous credentials that aim at enriching individuals with different skills. Those individuals who are interested in becoming CompTIA certified will find a certification that suits them irrespective of them being IT newbies or experienced specialists. This article is devoted to the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 exam which is one of the tests a person needs to pass in order to gain it.

CompTIA A+ Certification Overview

If you are planning to begin a job in the technical support or get engaged in IT-related operational roles CompTIA A+ credential is the best certification for you. Earning it confirms your skills and capability to complete a broad array of tasks regarding networking, network troubleshooting, security, hardware, software troubleshooting, operating systems, and operational procedures among other technologies. For an individual to obtain this credential, he or she needs to take and pass a combination of two exams which include either new 220-1001 and 220-1002 or the current 220-901 and 220-902 tests.

After acquiring the CompTIA A+ certification, you will encounter many job opportunities in the IT field. You will be able to work as a service desk analyst, system support specialist, technical support specialist, associate network engineer, data support technician, and help desk technician among other jobs. As per the data provided by, anyone who is CompTIA A+ certified can earn an average salary of around $59,000 per year. Such professionals can get employed in reputable firms such as HP, Intel, Ricoh, and Dell among others.

What Should You Know about CompTIA 220-1001 Exam?

This test is the first one you need to pass on the way of getting the A+ credential. It is intended to evaluate an individual’s competency in maintaining, installing, customizing, and operating personal computers. The test is recommended for individuals who have at least nine months of hands-on experience in the IT field or lab or want to start careers as entry-level IT professionals or PC technicians. The CompTIA 220-1001 exam covers topics such as mobile devices, network troubleshooting, virtualization as well as cloud computing, networking technology, and hardware.

This test includes a set of ninety questions. You're required to complete all the questions within ninety minutes. You will be provided with multiple-choice questions that will require either single or multiple responses. Other types of questions you may encounter in the exam include performance-based and drag-and-drops. This exam will cost you $219.

220-1001 Exam Objectives

220-1001 exam objectives include five main domains. These domains feature subsequent sub-domains that cover completely the areas required in CompTIA A+ certification. The following domains are laid out with their respective percentages to which they are represented in the exam:

-Mobile devices (14%)

- Hardware (27%)

- Virtualization as well as Cloud Computing (12%)

- Networking (20%)

- Both Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (27%)

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification

Now, let’s turn to benefits attributed to the CompTIA A+ certification:

  • When you begin a career in the IT field with the CompTIA A+ credential, you will encounter endless possibilities of advancement. A number of job positions are available for you, for instance, Help Desk Tech, Service Desk Analyst, Field Service Technician, Associate Network Engineer, to mention a few.
  • Individuals who are CompTIA A+ certified earn higher salaries compared to their non-certified workmates. They can earn approximately 5 to 15 percent more than non-certified peers.
  • The certification shows the level of seriousness of a person in his or her career. Earning this credential indicates that you’re a motivated and ambitious employee who is ready to go the extra mile to be successful in your field.
  • Holders of the A+ certification contribute to increased customer satisfaction and optimal productivity in a firm because they are more skillful than their colleagues. Thus, you become a valuable person in the company you are working for.

Tricks and Secrets to Help You Pass 220-1001 exam

It is no secret that every exam taker needs to have excellent knowledge and to be self-assured

to take any test. Below are some tricks and secrets to help you pass the test:

  • Create a comfortable study plan. Read various learning resources and implement all the hands-on practices relevant to the exam.
  • Utilize the materials offered by the vendor itself. It provides you with a number of options to choose from, such as eLearninig, virtual labs, study guides, training courses.
  • Opt for additional reliable online platforms such as Exam-Labs. Utilize their verified practice questions for 220-1001 exam. They will give you an idea of how well you are prepared for the test.
  • You need to find an online community for the CompTIA exam tricks. CompTIA online study groups offer great resources and study suggestions that can help you achieve excellent performance in 220-1001 exam.
  • To save your time at the exam, first, complete the questions you are confident in. Then return to ones that are most difficult or unknown for you and tackle them. Don’t leave unanswered questions.

Now, let’s find out why practice tests from Exam-Labs website are reliable?

Why Exam-Lab is Your Assistant for 220-1001 Exam

Exam-Labs has everything an individual may need to learn so as to pass the CompTIA 220-1001 exam. The products offered on this platform will help you advance your IT skills and grow your career. At Exam-Labs you will be offered unlimited training resources, practice tests, accountability coaching, validated learning with in-video quizzes, virtual labs, and exclusive access to a community of IT professionals. With the help of Exam-Labs every candidate will more useful and upgraded information, get new learning and experience and put the knowledge into practice.


To excel in 220-1001 exam, we recommend you utilize the authorized training course, hands-on practices and practice tests in your preparation. It will strengthen and enhance your abilities and skills in IT sphere. Besides, practice tests will help you not only in preparing for the exam, but also fill gaps in knowledge that you can use at your potential workplace. Earning the CompTIA A+ certification is a gateway to achieving your career goals and you can make it easier with practice tests.

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