Cat Girl Without Salad (0)

Cat Girl Without Salad


This game is about a ditsy intergalactic bounty hunter named Kebako. She ends up traveling across many different galaxies with her companion Squiddie as they bring in some of the worst criminals around.


Without any of the power ups this would be a standard shoot 'em up. Kebako can move around the screen shooting her standard pea shooter at anything in her way. Dodging every attack from enemies is a bit easier thanks to the fact that she can only be damaged if a enemy hits her bow. While flying through each level power ups can be gained by blowing up enemies. Because they drastically change how she attacks it is worth talking about them individually.

Dance Gun: Dance Dance Revolution notes start coming across the screen and must be hit in time with the beat. Out of all the guns this one does the most damage if the player keeps up with all the notes.

Sports Gun: Fling golf balls at whatever happens to be in Kebako's way. Damage wise this is the second most powerful gun. With the downside being that the golf balls fly in random directions and must be picked up. Waiting for them to disappear will also reload the gun.

RPG Gun: A menu pops up with 4 options that each have a different effect. Choosing attack sends her a few spaces forward to hit a enemy with a sword. Magic launches magic potions that explode on contact. Heal refills her life bar. Then the final option is to flee which can dodge damage.

Puzzle Gun: Similar to Puzzle Bobble different colored bubbles can be shot at enemies. If 3 of the same color get linked together they can then clear the entire screen.

Arcade Gun: Shoot out Cat Pac who will then waka waka through all the enemies. The player has full control over the Pac Man clone and must move it while keeping tabs on what is coming towards Kebako.

Platformer Gun: The final gun type sends out a little 8 bit hero who can jump on enemies to do extra damage.

Using all these tools the player must blast through each level to compete the game. In the Radical Galaxy a bunch of 80's arcade reject monsters appear. With the boss being a punk rocker named Gunner Crossbones. Of course the RPG Galaxy has a bunch of dragons and other fantasy beasts. Cheifinoff's cooking awaits all who make it to the end of that level. Then in the Kawaii Galaxy everything is super cute if only it wasn't all deadly it'll be a fun place to be. The final boss is Uramiko who can use evil versions of all the guns that were mentioned before.