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Ash of Gods
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Ash of Gods is an upcoming tactical RPG to be released in March 2018 on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). It combines elements of a visual novel, tactical RPG and CCD game. The game development was partially funded via Kickstarter in March 2017.


Events of the game take place in a world called Terminium on a continent of the same name. One thousand years ago the continent was struck with a catastrophic event that deemed its central part uninhabitable as well as cut it off from the rest of the world. Survivors scattered throughout the outer regions of the continent managed to rebuild civilization of sorts.

Three hunded years later another disaster sweeped over the continent - a plague killing thousands and a total war of northen and southern realms. The northeners were led by a misterious group of beings, called the Reapers, set on drowning the world in blood and suffering. Even united the souther kingdoms didn't stand a chance if not for the help of a group of thirteen misterious warriors that stopped the Reapers and the war.

Another seven hundred years later, when the game starts, another Reaping is unfolding. The Reapers appear again in the world, the plague starts and the war is inevitable. Several individuals are able to face them, but will they do it or just focus on surviving?


Game's three protagonists are:

  • Thorn Brenin - an experienced warrior and a leader, small nobleman and a retired head of the city guard. When the Reaping started in his native city of Albius he managed to escape with a small group of followers, among which was his own daughter. He will do everything to make sure she, as well as her brother, stationed in the military outpost in a different city, survive the Reaping.
  • Lo Feng - a member of a legendary cult of professional warriors, eikonians. When the Reaping starts he is fulfilling his contract as a bodyguard to a northen nobleman. His mission is to return to his native island to warn the rest of the cult of the unfolding events.
  • Blance - a powerful eternal being, a member of the original therteen warriors that managed to stop the Reaping last time. This time he will try to repeat this, and save the world once again.

Though their origin story is predetermined it is up to the player to determine their motivations and choose their pathes in the game.


With three protagonists avaiable the player will be playing for each on of them in chapters, one after another. The gameplay can roughly be divided into three parts:

  • Dialogues - executed in the traditional Visual Novel style with some update to it.
  • Combat - tactical turn-based combat on a grid-based field with some card game elements.
  • Global map and local hubs - allow to choose next destination, manage the team and resources