Mass Effect 3 Gameplay

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Mass Effect 3 is an action role-playing game played from third-person perspective. Player takes a role of Commander Shepard, whose appearance, combat training, military background and first name can be chosen by the player before the game starts. It is also possible to important your character from Mass Effect 2, which includes all the titles gained. Those titles impact plot in Mass Effect 3. Just like in its predecessors, in Mass Effect 3 players can choose from six different classes for their character. Every class has different set o skills, for example Soldier is good at using weapons more effectively, while Adept has stronger biotic powers. Players travel with a spaceship between the missions, selecting on the map where they want to travel once they are in spaceship. The cover system had a substantial improvements from its predecessor, player have more options while covering and do not have to slide into cover anymore. Mass efect 3 has also vastly improved artificial intelligence, which makes the game hardest in the series. Multiplayer offers a co-op mode "Galaxy at War". where 4 players playing together can change the outcome of the campaign. The game has amazing graphics and polish. You can watch action from this unforgettable video game by clicking on the gameplay video below.

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