A selection of the most popular video games genres right now

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Given the diverse range of games people can typically access on PC in 2022, it can be tough to know exactly what titles to go with at times, can’t it? From adventure games to the array of indie games that people are sampling, PC gaming’s offering has never been so extensive. As a result of this, PC gamers have never had it so good.

When assessing the games genre as a whole, it has never been in such a healthy position as it is now. While other gaming options away from PC will simply never suffice for some, there are others who are discovering the benefits of gaming on other devices. For example, innovation in the mobile gaming world has resulted in a number of dramatically improved products in the space. For mobile gamers, they can tuck into console-quality games as well as an innovative live Spin a Win game show and augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go. The same advancements have been made in the PC gaming sphere, with members of the community being treated to a selection of fantastic releases in recent times. But what video game genres are thriving right now? Let’s take a look below.

Action-adventure games

Adding an action element to the already popular adventure genre, action-adventure releases bring a range of diverse components together to create a much-loved gaming category. Classic examples of successful releases in this area include The Legend of Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, although more modern-day offerings, such as Genshin Impact, are also thriving. For gamers, the opportunity to overcome obstacles while exploring an open-world climate is really entertaining.

Strategy games

While these types of games tend to divide opinion in the gaming community, there are massive numbers of people who simply adore strategy games. Putting peoples’ brain power to the test, gamers typically have to utilise their planning and resource management skills to successfully navigate their way through strategy releases. Total War: Three Kingdoms is an example of a strategy game, although there are a number of notable releases that have registered massive success.

Sports games

For sports lovers, sports games are a natural choice. From soccer products to tennis titles, many of the popular games in this particular category enable fans of specific sports to play as their favourite clubs and top managers. Even the more simplistic offerings in this genre appeal as players aim to serve their way to success or replicate a Premier League goal from the weekend. Some of the games in this genre are considered as simulation titles due to their levels of realism and immersion, too.

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Role-playing games

Generally set in a fantasy or science fiction setting, role-playing games (RPGs) allow the player to take on the role of a character in a detailed story. Alongside the captivating storyline that generally unfolds in these particular titles, gamers are able to tackle a variety of quests and explore their way to victory. A great success story that helped shape this particular genre is Dungeons & Dragons, although there are so many titles that are worth a mention.

First-person shooter games

Also known as FPS games, first-person shooter products are essentially a sub-genre of the action games genre and offer up some of the biggest titles ever made. The likes of Call of Duty have showcased just how successful games in this category can be, as gamers play from the main character’s perspective or point of view. Immersing players into a gripping storyline from the offset, these types of environments generally focus on weapon-based fighting and are adored by gamers around the world.

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