Desktop vs Mobile Casinos – Which One to Choose?

A lot of time has passed since the first online casino appeared. Gambling websites’ history dates back more than 20 years. Online wagering has become a common thing – it’s simple, convenient, user-friendly, and captivating, as software providers create the real-life atmosphere and offer advanced technological solutions.

To cater to the needs of modern players, all reputable casinos have both desktop and mobile versions. The question of which one is better has already become a hackneyed subject. You can find guides from gaming fans or check reviews of specific casinos on websites like – besides general arguments, a lot depends on the platform itself. For now, let’s reveal the differences between these two types of gambling and define the criteria for choosing the most suitable service.

The essence of desktop and mobile casinos

Desktop casinos are pretty familiar for customers all over the world. Platforms list games from top software providers and launch regular bonus campaigns to attract visitors. Gambling from your PC or laptop is similar to playing other games like MMORPG or browser strategies. Sometimes, casinos launch downloadable clients to make the process smoother.

Similarly, mobile casinos have two playing modes: via browsers (websites optimized for smartphones and tablets) and applications (programs designed for specific operating systems). Choosing playing from mobile devices, it’s important to consider your Internet connection, screen size, and battery capacity.

Only the lazy hadn’t mentioned the rise of mobile gaming: the industry’s revenue has doubled from 2014 to 2017; analytical algorithms used by Google and Apple are constantly improving to target the right customers; in-app purchases are also growing exponentially. Even the areas that have remained beyond the capacity of mobile gambling for a long time – like virtual reality solutions or live dealer games – are entering the market of portable devices.

Key criteria

A lot depends on your own purposes and features of specific websites, but let’s define some general criteria for choosing a casino. We will focus on five points: quality, diversity, portability, profitability, and user experience.


It includes graphics, sounds, and animation. It’s obvious that the difference between the quality of desktop casinos and mobile ones depends on the device and connection. Usually, games for desktop browsers and downloadable apps are better. However, top-tier smartphones and tablets with decent hardware also offer smooth playing. The only drawback of mobile platforms refers to function keys as they may be a bit awkward on small screens. Hard-boiled users may even prefer buying additional controllers for mobile devices to get the most of the experience, while the community of old-school players will deny these innovations, staying true to the full-scale process.


This point is the most univocal. Since the beginning of the competition between desktop and mobile casinos, the former always wins when it comes to the number of products available. Desktop platforms provide hundreds of games while mobile casinos normally have only dozens. Nearly all slots are available on both platforms but tables and live dealer games are the favor of desktop casinos.


Mobile games are compact and flexible, while desktop systems are stick to personal computers and laptops. Clearly, this is the biggest advantage of mobile gambling – you can start or continue the process whenever you are, combining betting with any activity. However, it’s important to remember that batteries need to be constantly recharged – power banks are useful when it comes to playing on the go. The higher graphic displays are, the quicker batteries drain.


Since the same games are available for both desktop and mobile gamblers, RNG and RTP (return to player percentage) are the same, too. Both desktop and mobile casinos offer exclusive bonuses and launch promo campaigns to attract more customers. Don’t forget about wagering requirements, though, they may be quite tough or even impossible to accomplish. Read everything carefully and accept only reasonable promotions.

User experience

Every gambler has their own approach and preferences, but user experience and interface are generally better when you access casinos via your desktop. But mobile platforms win in terms of innovations – their capacities improve so fast that this segment can outperform its competitor in less than no time.

To sum it up

The trend is clear – the audience of mobile gambling grows along with its technical improvement. It’s a general tendency, relevant to all parts of entertainment – more and more customers are switching to their portable gadgets. But again, desktop casinos offer a full-scale experience which is closer to a real-life one. This playing mode has some significant benefits: there are way more products available, including social games with multiple players and live dealers.

To choose a casino, first of all, think about your purposes. If you want to enjoy games with the smooth and time-tested interface – choose desktop casinos. But if you prefer to gamble anytime and anywhere using portable systems – mobile casinos would be your choice.

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