3 Lesser Known Scratch Card Games to Try Next

While scratch cards may not come with huge jackpots like slots or lotteries, they have a different kind of appeal. Those who prefer instant gratification over a multi-million prize are sure to enjoy themselves with this form of gambling.
If you’d like to try your hand at scratch games, the internet has plenty of options available. Many follow the basic mechanics of revealing and matching panels. Some recent releases, however, require you to meet a certain objective so you can be eligible for the jackpot.
Avid players have experimented on their fair share of games. When you’ve grown tired of the usual offerings at the online casino, how about trying these lesser known ones instead?

Dragon Scrolls

This is a nine series scratch-off that gives you the chance to win up to a hundred thousand credits in one play. It’s said that one out of three cards are sure to win, making it an excellent choice for those new to gambling.
To play, you first have to decide on an amount to bet. The up and down arrows on the screen will enable you to increase or decrease this. Click play to confirm your bet then you’ll be shown your card for scratching. You can reveal the symbols one at a time or all at once.
In order to win, you need to match three out of nine symbols. If this is the case, you win the amount behind the fan at the bottom of the screen. As you’d expect, the more you bet, the more you can potentially win.

Zodiac Fortune

Here’s a visually appealing game that also offers a relaxing ambience while playing. It revolves around the zodiac sign wheel and a star-filled sky serves as the backdrop paired with a soothing soundtrack.
In the middle of the wheel is a sun that hides the prize. Around the wheel are nine circles beneath which are the signs. You win if you can match three of them. To buy a ticket, you can bet from 10 pence up to 10 pounds.
Like with the Dragon Scrolls game, you can reveal all the signs at once or scratch them off individually. With the latter, you’ll notice your mouse icon turn into a golden coin. Click and drag it over the circles and hear a nice scratching sound like you would with a physical card.

Star Raiders

The perfect option for when you want to experience a bout of nostalgia. Those who were raised in the 80s are sure to recognise the classic Atari game it’s based on. The quality animation and ease of play can keep you entertained for hours.
Being space themed, sci-fi music is played in the main game panel which has a background of spaceships and planets. Playing is simple: set your bet amount, buy a ticket and open the panels. Match three and you win the prize.
What increases the fun is how certain symbols provide different pay- outs. Three pyramid medals, for instance, makes you score 500x bonus. Meanwhile, cluster medals boost your bet by 1000x. Not bad when bets begin at 50 pence up to a maximum 3 pounds.
While it’s hard to find these three games on a list of top online scratch cards, they provide just as much entertainment. You can play all of them at the Celeblotto website along with many other great games. 

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