Should I purchase a Fire Cape in OSRS?

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Well, to most, the answer to this question would be an obvious yes. But for everyone else, let’s explain a little about the cape and to ‘why’ you should purchase it.

A Fire Cape is a reward that is collected after defeating a minigame boss called TzTok-Jad inside the Fight Caves of TzHaar. It is known as the second-best meele cape in-game due to its strength bonus as well as its defensive stats. Provided its +4 strength bonus and +11 defensive stats, It is recommended to have at least a minimum of 43 Prayer, 45 Defense as well as 70 Ranged to wear it.

TzHaar Fight Cave is a minigame which is located in the outer area of Mor Ul Rek (TzHaar City) deep under the ground and within the volcano of Karamja. You’ll need to enter the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon in order to find the cave which will lead you to Mor Ul Rek. There are much easier ways to travel directly to the Fight Caves like using a Fairy Ring or a TokKul-Zo ring if you have one. Obtaining such a good cape can’t be that easy, can it? Not only will you have to survive all the waves fighting various monsters but also one of the strongest bosses in Old School Runescape with a combat level of 702 called TzTok-Jad, also commonly known as Jad for short. He has a max hit of 97 that can easily kill a player with just one hit from any of his three attacks:

  • A melee attack with its bite
  • A blast of magic in the form of a fireball
  • A boulder falling from the ceiling as a Ranged attack

One of the perks of obtaining this cape is that it remains in the players inventory even if he dies below level 20 wilderness. However, the item will then be unusable but another plus point is that it can be repaired by using it on Perdu (A travelling Dwarven Merchant) and paying him 50,000 OSRS gp.

A Fire Cape can be used to allow further access into Mor Ul Rek by showing it to the TzHaar-Ket guards. This will not consume the cape. However, in order to enter inferno (Minigame) you’ll have to sacrifice the cape by giving it to TzHaar-Ket-Keh, which is just a one-time fee. Besides all that, the cape also has other uses like,

  • Mounting it on a cape hanger in an achievement gallery or storing it on a cape rack in the costume room of a player – owned house.
  • Using it on a Max Cape to turn it into a Fire Max Cape.
  • Selling it to TzHaar-Mej-Jal to have a chance in obtaining the Tzrek-Jad pet or around 8,000 Tokkul

There are also a few facts one should know about the Fire Cape. The first NPC to wear this cape was the Slayer Master Nieve, who is the second-to-highest level Slayer master and is located at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Not only that, another fact is that there are only three capes that have a cool animated texture whilst wearing it and one of that is the Fire Cape.

Yes, it can be very exhausting and it is a struggle trying to obtain the cape as it may take many tries and each try is quite time consuming, but all your efforts will be worth it once you’ve obtained it. Each try will make you realize what your mistakes are, which will also help you move a step closer in achieving your goal. There are thousands of players trying to obtain the cape on a daily basis, not willing to give up until they do so and there are also players who are willing to pay other experienced players to obtain it for them by allowing them to access their accounts. Going through the risk of allowing others to access another players account, itself shows how much of a worth a Fire Cape is.

For those who haven’t obtained the cape yet or have stopped trying, all you have to do is be determined, get your gear on, along with the required stats and head right towards the caves to put on a good fight. Or, just buy a OSRS firecape from Food4RS! Goodluck!

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