DayZ- Tips To Improve Your Aim

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DayZ is a video game about how long you can survive amongst the 60 players on a single server. Developed by Bohemia Interactive, DayZ had an early access release for Windows in 2013, and the full release happened in December 2018. The game is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Playstation 4.

For a novice, playing DayZ can be a nerve-wracking experience. You can check sites like to get some hacks to help you through the game.

Players begin to explore Chernarus with a pair of clothes, one bandage, and a single flare. Apart from saving yourself from the zombies and collecting food and drinks to quench your thirst and hunger, you sometimes need to defend yourself against other players.

Survival instinct brings out the worst in every player. Most of them will shoot other players at sight in the fear that they might do the same. 

The primary mode of attacking a zombie or other players in combat and thus having a good aim is necessary. We will give you some of the best tips to improve your aim in this article.

Choosing the Right Gear

Choosing the right gear might have you thinking about the equipment in the game. But no, before getting into the game, you must have the proper hardware. The most crucial hardware that can affect your aim is your mouse. Invest in a good quality mouse with better sensors. 

The next on the list would be a mousepad. Try choosing the biggest mouse pad that you can place on your desk so that you don't have to lift your mouse in the middle of a game.

Finding a Good Weapon 

One of the best tips that significantly improves your aim would be finding a good weapon. Do not pick up anything you find. Weapons like crowbars or other blunt objects have little to no effect on zombies.

 A melee would be great to fight zombies. Find an ax, either a wood handle one or the fire extinguisher one. One aim to the head will take a zombie down and also does severe damage to other players.

For fighting other players, a firearm with ammunition would be great. However, finding one in Chernarus is extremely difficult. 

A great weapon to own is pristine equipment. Weapons are mostly hidden well, and as the level of gaming increases, so does the difficulty in finding a gun. You would have to look for weapons in every possible space. You will have a better chance of aiming right with a pristine gun.

Keep Yourself in Hiding

Keeping yourself in hiding is an essential step if you want to improve your aim during combat. Hiding and covering yourself protects you from getting shot at or attacked by a zombie or another player. 

If you are in the open and someone or something attacks you, you will probably act rashly, and your aim will not be correct. Missing your aim while surrounded by enemies can cost you your life in this game. If you are hidden from their sight, you can plan, look for a clear opening, and perform better in combat.

Never Attack Someone Impulsively

Most of the time, if a player is new, they think that if they swing the ax or shoot the firearm recklessly, they will have more chance of hitting someone accidentally, definitely not a wise approach in combat. With more experience comes the realization that shooting or attacking someone recklessly is only a wastage of your firearm and life. 

Attacking someone impulsively also makes others know of your presence, which could put you in more danger. In combat, keep your calm and shoot only when you have a clear shot; otherwise, try to find cover.

Make The First Move

Making the first move is a great tip, not just for DayZ but for any game where you are fighting for your survival. Taking the first swing at someone in combat gives you the upper hand and betters your chances of winning the combat. 

In DayZ, the first shot means that the opponent is already injured, and when you strike again, that will cost them even more. While if you are the first one to get shot at, you will get hurt and might start bleeding. If the opponent strikes again, there is a high chance that you won't survive long.

Always make the first move whenever possible and try to aim at the head.

Final Thoughts

DayZ is a game of survival, and while you can scavenge food, drinks, clothes for yourself and fend off zombies, the most feared enemies are other survivors. The standard way of fighting an enemy in combat. As we all know, the correct aim is the only way to survive combat.

While experienced players have no trouble aiming right, new players often have trouble taking the proper aim. But not to worry, by following the tips mentioned above, you will improve your aim in no time.

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