5 Big Wins on Jackpot Slots

There are a lot of online slot games in the world. Every single one of these slots is demanding for our attention. However, the best way for a slot to be noticed is to give a huge progressive jackpot payout. However, a lot of players stay doubtful. Can you really win those jackpots? Do they actually get paid out? Or are these jackpots a mere hyped marketing strategy for the online casinos? We got inspired by looking at this bonus page on casinomartini.com.

Well, lucky for you, over the years, online slot games do have paid huge jackpot sums to casino players who are very lucky. Here are some of them.

Betway Casino – Mega Moolah

The top 1 spot goes to a soldier from the United Kingdom. Jon Heywood, who was 26 years old by that time, won $20,062,600 (that’s €17,879,645 or £13,209,300). He was playing the Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming. This lucky player had his huge win in October 2015. According to him, he planned to spend at least some of the money on a holiday and some nice new cars.

Paf Casino – Mega Fortune

To win a huge amount of €17,861,800 from NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, all he had to do was bet 25 cents. The lucky player was a Finnish player who won this huge prize in 2013. His tiny bet on the well-known slot resulted in a jackpot that held the number one spot on this list for several years. This Finnish player, who was around his 40’s, chose to stay anonymous. However, it is fitting that this lucky Finnish player won on Paf Casino, the premier online casino in Finland.

Betsson Casino – Mega Fortune

When one Norwegian man had trouble sleeping for several nights, he had tried his luck on the slots at the well-known Betsson Casino. After he hit the huge jackpot of €11,736,375, there was no chance of him getting any sleep. This Norwegian man had played the same Mega Fortune as the Finnish jackpot winner. At one stage, this was also a record-holder since the winning spin happened in September 2011.

Folkeautomaten – Mega Fortune

Yes, you have read it right. Another player has won a huge jackpot prize by simply playing Mega Fortune. This time, it is a Swedish player named Alexander. Alexander, who was 30 years old by that time, had won €8.57 million jackpot in 2015.

If you haven’t played Mega Fortune, the game promises luxury and wealth. Well, based on the list, it seems to deliver.

Tipico Mobile Casino – Mega Moolah

This win still holds the number one spot for the biggest jackpot winner in a mobile casino. The winner opted to stay anonymous. However, he or she had won $9.2 million in April 2017.

Obviously, there is a chance to become a millionaire by just playing online slot games, as you can see from the list above. Of course, there are still a lot of other games that have produced several multi-millionaire winners over the years. What are you waiting for? Maybe you will be the next one on our list!

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