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Some weeks ago, I wrote my Microsoft 70-480 exam and I passed it. I was immensely relieved because I have read many unpleasant stories about this certification test. Let me mention that this is my first Microsoft exam, and I was quite excited that I passed it right at the first attempt. I decided to share my experience because I believe that there are many people out there who will benefit from my experience.

Why did I choosethe Microsoft 70-480 exam?

Well, I love learning new things, and one of my goals this year is to learn something new about web development. By the way, I’m not new to the world of web development but I felt there are many things that I’ve forgotten about, so I needed to refresh and update my knowledge in the field. I knew I had a lot to learn so I decided to start from the scratch and learn all about the fundamentals and the more advanced levels of Microsoft 70-480 MCSA Certification Exam Dumps. I made up my mind to give it my all, and that was exactly what I did. I’ll share some of my preparation tips and some resources that I used. I must say that this article is not about any shortcut to success. It is a plain old preparation method of reading and studying to pass an exam. If you are looking for a quick-fix, I’m sorry but you have to look somewhere else. Having said that, let me go right into sharing the steps and tips of my exam preparation.

Understanding of the Microsoft 70-480 exam details

This is a significant step in any kind of exam you want to write. You have to know the details of the test. The first thing I did was to go through the official Microsoft website and the Exam Reference Book to read about the exam content and topic areas. Generally, Microsoft 70-480 covers topic areas,such as manipulating and implementing objects and document structures; securing and accessing data; implementing program flow; and using CSS3 in applications. Through the reference book, I learn about some basic areas before attempting the exam. These topics include XMLHttpRequest and Ajax; HTML, JavaScript (ES5), CSS3; basic CSS layout, CSS regions, Grid, Flexbox; DOM, geolocation, local storage, web workers, app cache, canvas, session storage, SVG; transitions, animations, and transformations; and jQuery. With various resources, I was able to cover basically everything before the test date.

Full preparation for the Microsoft 70-480 exam

Armed with the information about the exam, I got settled for some serious reading. I started experimenting with JavaScript, HTML, variety of HTML5 Web APIs, and CSS. Some of the tools you can consider involvePlunkr, CodePen, isFiddle, and JSBin. These will help you write code and get your hands messy with various coding process. It is important to mention that there is no way you can learn all about software development without actually getting involved in the process of writing code. You should experiment and work with the tools so you can become familiar with them.

Overview of resource materials for the Microsoft 70-480 exam

I used some great resource materials that really helped me through my study and I’m going to share some of them here.

Exam Reference Book for Microsoft 70-480: This is where I started my study from. This book comes handy when it comes to learning all about the exam. The skills areas and the subtopics of the exam contents are well-detailed in the reference book.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: I took the training course there, and this really helped me greatly. In addition to the course, I also find some amazing free resource tools to help with the preparation. With the training tutorial and the reference book, I got a clear idea of what I need to learn and master before my certification test. I began to develop hands-on experience with specific focus on the skill areas. I will share some of the specific aspects that I focused on in my preparation.


I used some great resources that assisted me in writing some web code examples. I worked with HTML5 Web APIs using SessionStorage and LocalStorage. These two are the latest web APIs with capacity for you to store information for personal web applications in your browser locally. I also worked with geolocation API, which allows you to tap into the location of a specific user from your browser. It also gives updates when the user movers from one location to another.

AppCache is another aspect that I focused on. The Application Cache API offers you the entire tools you require to create excellent offline experiences for web applications. I used some materials, including Beginner’s Guide to Application Cache; Offline Web Applications AT Dive to HTML5; and Using Application Cache at MDN. I used a whole lot of tools to work on the different features and skills required in the certification exam content.

Practice Tests

After covering the skill areas of the Microsoft 70-480 exam content, I began to evaluate myself. I took a lot of practice tests to see how much I have learn in my study. There are numerous platforms online that offer practice questions and exam samples to help the students. I will recommend PrepAway for your exam practice questions. It provides with up-to-date questions. You can also explore the exam simulation feature at the PrepAway website to get a full exam experience.

Writing the Microsoft 70-480 exam

Before I scheduled my exam, I made sure that I was confident in my preparation result first. Some people think that you should schedule your test before you start preparing so that you can be motivated but I thought otherwise. I needed to be sure I can handle the exam before going ahead to schedule. I wrote Microsoft 70-480 at a local testing center and trust me, I didn’t find it too difficult to handle.

Last word, I believe that if you prepare adequately for the test, Microsoft 70-480 will be an easy one for you to cope with.

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