Bones Game Online (0)

Bones Game Online
First release date
Alexander Shvab

The main target of the game is to get 1000 points or more.

To start the game both players have to throw one bone. The player that gets high points starts the game.

His opponent can make a step only after the previous player finishes the step.

After the first step ends a player with high points throws all 5 bones. If there are any combinations that can add points to the player, the player takes out those bones and throws the rest of bones.

When the game starts both players have to get 70 points to record results. If a player gets 70 points or more he/she can save the round score and add it to the main score by passing a move to another player. After a player saves 70 points he/she can write down any amount of points that the player gets during the round.

If the player gets points from all of 5 bones then this player can throw them again. This action might be repeated again and again until the player gets points or gets no combinations.

A player can record the round score if last action of the player was take some points. If a player throw bones and does not take something all the round score will not be counted.

Situation called "trousers". It is the situation, when a player rolls last 2 bones and his/her last two bones got similar value of points. As a result of this the player can rolls them again.

If a player got some of combination like straight or flush or something also, the player can take them as a combination or take them as single value.

If a player has got 555 points, his/her score will go down to zero.

If your opponent has got the same amount of score as you, then your score will go down to zero (this is a chance for a player to kick an opponent) except the situation called "tank").

The situation called "tank": it is the situation, when a player got 930 or more score. In this case the score will stop on 930 (This situation is called "tank". It means that a player is sitting down on a tank). Another player can not kick him/her down to zero points, but the player, who is "on the tank" must get 70 points minimum to finish the game. The player has three rounds to finish the game. After the third round the player's score will go down and he/she must get 70 points in order to start the game and record points and save them.