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If you are a fan of games of chance, games for PC offer a great way to have fun and pass time. Although these games might not be as exciting as the ones you would normally find in a Las Vegas casino, they offer a diverse range of casino challenges, which range from slots to table and card games.

Most of these games focus on one casino game and usually have features that allow you to play against other players. Some offer multiple gaming options, just like the one you would find in a land-based casino. High-quality graphics and immersive gameplay are some of the features that define these PC games. In addition, you don't risk your hard-earned money. 

Here is a list of some of the best casino games available on Windows store.

AE Blackjack Online 

As the name suggests, AE Blackjack Online is an online blackjack game. You can either play this game through your Facebook account or as a guest. 

The game is available for Windows 10 mobile and starts with chips worth $1,300. You can also buy additional chips via in-app purchase. The gameplay is just like that of the traditional blackjack, with options such as "create a game" or "walk around the tables to find a game."

There is also a chat feature, and you can send gifts to other players, such as drink, snacks, and more. In addition, you can play as a single player if there's no one to play with. Although there was a small issue with connection to the AE server, generally the free casino game is amazing as it is enjoyable and easy to play. 

Simon's Slots 

For slots fans, Simon's Slots is a great game to play on your PC. The free game, which is available for Windows 10, offers a wide selection of slot machines, such as vampire-themed machines and cat-themed machines. In total, there are thirty one-armed bandits. 

The different slot machines have different bet minimum. With each spin, you earn experience, and some slot machines require you to achieve a certain level of experience before that are made available to you. 

The automatic spin feature allows you to sit back and let the machine do the work for you. The game tracks your stats and gauges your probability of winning the casino game. 

For those looking of a somewhat unconventional game of slots, you will find two extra modes in Simon's Slots, which are basically memory games that require you to remember the highlighted boxes once they spin. To win, you have to tap on all the correct boxes. 

Other features for this game include free credit bonuses, which are awarded after every 5 minutes, daily login bonus for free credits, and Facebook support. Graphics are high quality, selection of machines is respectable, and generally, the games is fun to play on PC. 

Crazy Casino 

This is a collection of casino games that are unlocked as you move up the different levels. Crazy Casino, which is available for Windows 10 mobile, offers poker, blackjack, and other traditional slots games.

Overall, they offer ten video gambling machines, including five slots, two blackjack games, and two poker games. You have to unlock one level to proceed to the next. 

Mini-games are also available, and you can play a daily lucky ticket to earn bonus coins. When starting out, you receive 100 coins, but you can buy additional coins via the in-app purchases. The game itself is not complicated and offers a great way to enjoy your time with a wide selection of video gambling games. 

Zynga Poker – Texas Hold 'em

Zynga Poker – Texas Hold 'em is a game of online poker that you can play on your Windows 10 PC. This game offers regular poker games and some competitive components. 

You can log in with your Facebook account or directly from your Zyng account, or you could play as a guest. When you log in from your account, you will be able to synchronize gameplay between different devices. 

This game starts you with poker chips worth $10,000, and you can buy additional chips through in-play purchase as well as daily bonuses. The gameplay is more like the regular Texas Hold 'em. You are free to join poker tables anytime, or you could create your own game.

This is a fast-paced game, and each turn is perfectly timed to prevent the players from taking a break and delaying the progress of the game. The game has beautiful animation and graphics. The difficult of the gameplay depends on the abilities of the players, and still, you have the chance to manage your bets and predict the next cards. 

Generally, Zynga Poker – Texas Hold 'em is a great poker game for PC. It is one of the best options when you have some free time, and it's such a nice option when you are looking to spend more time playing online games. 

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