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NetEnt types of casino games are excellent for smooth and swift play. Nevertheless, the enactment of its slots and other entertainments might vary from one browser to another. Thus, this guide compares the most popular software applications, explicitly of the instruments and features, which fit the requirements of NetEnt.

Features of NetEnt games

The browser games of Netent casinos are admired by high games for the convenience and simplicity of their usage. Downloading plugins or software is not a requirement. Typically, it is an HTML5 or in-built flash support functionality, all the equipment needed. Additionally, all the software applications have greatly developed anti-tracking and security systems, which reduce the threats of hacking.

Web browsers that support casino games

Utility programs copy and sort data from your computer, therefore even the weakest pc runs all the upgraded web browsers without issues, so launching NetEnt games is unnecessary. Let us not forget about upgrades: all web browsers gain new functionalities from timely, which makes online gambling more reliable.

Here are the web browsers that support casino games:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is appreciated by several individuals as the greatest web browser ever. Firefox grants multiple free and valuable plugins. Its unique invisibility mode is perfect for additional safety. However, every cloud consists of a silver lining, and this software package might disappoint someone as well. 

The unnecessary amount of side components might hamper the functionality and the downloadable Flash Player, so required for casino games, and might crash after working for many hours. Thus, sometimes it is of significant assistance to reload Mozilla and clean it up from excessive cache and cookies.


Obitum was introduced as a network-friendly web browser; nevertheless, the software has many choices compatible with casino games. This utility has multiple interesting built-in tools, but it is still a convenient and simple design for clients.

As for gaming, this software has never been the best, but it is still great for the Flash casino game. There were no serious issues with Netent; however, being grounded at the Chrome engine, Orbitum may sometimes suffer from similar errors. Several gamers will love its highly advanced incognito mode, which might be valuable for safer gaming.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is approximated to be among the most convenient website clients in the online gaming world. The major functionalities are versatility and swiftness. The application defaults to HTML5, although you can modify it to the in-built flash-player upgraded to the newest version.

Gamers like the possibility of controlling and blocking unnecessary clips and banners. Nevertheless, there are a few peculiarities that may disgust a gambler. Google chrome can be quite slow initially, as collecting cookies and cache from every webpage is visited.

The bottom line

Pc web browsers casino games have hit the internet and took the world of the online casino by storm in the previous years. The browsers mentioned above offer gamers the chance to gamble without the pesky software consuming usable space on your computer. You can choose any web browser that perfectly suits your requirements and enjoy the wonderful experience in the gaming world.

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