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Valhalla Hills is a strategy city builder. You get to control a viking tribe whose main goal is to reach Valhalla - either through battle or working hard each day. All your vikings get points for everything they do, and the more points they have, the closer to Valhalla they get. The game gets you with really adorable graphics. One thing you can really give to Valhalla Hills is that it’s really nice to look at.

Valhalla Hills gameplay is interesting at first while you are still learning all the know-how and a few dozen of times once you have mastered the principles. After that it gets boring. You always do the same thing, you get on a new island and the pattern in which you build your city and expand is always the same - it’s the one that is taking you to victory.

What is silly, it’s the tutorial for Valhalla Hills, while it introduces you to the general information you got to know about each of the buildings, it totally leaves out the rest of the gameplay. And there are lots of subtle details you will have to figure out on your own (why your vikings won’t work?, why won’t they eat and then complain about how hungry they are?, why are they bored when there’s work?).

However, I must still stay positive about this game - even if it get repetitive, it’s still enjoyable. It’s a calm experience, when you don’t want anything too challenging and want to relax by building some nice-looking viking town. I must say I really enjoyed guiding those tiny vikings to Valhalla Hills, while admiring the graphics and cute artstyle.

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