Rimworld - 10 Tips for New Players

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Bearing some uncanny similarities to Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, though with easier UI, is still not an easy game. This guide will introduce you to some mechanics of the the game, and it will allow new players not to feel that lost in the huge and vast Rimworld.

The guide goes into such game mechanics as passion and interest system. For example, you might want to give a better weapon to a person with lower skill but high interest instead of a person with higher skill and no interest in guns whatsoever. This strategy might might prove to be useful, as a colonist with a high or some interest might level up that skill faster. The guide also introduces some other mechanics, like the happiness with some of the work/function system. The mechanics of the plant growing and tending. Another tip comes in relation to colonists themselves -- they are quite hard to come by, so the guide mentions a way of getting more people to live in your colony. The guide goes into minor detail of the basic, yet most important aspects of the game.

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