This War of Mine - A guide to Combat, Scavenging and Stealth

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This War of Mine will make you shiver with hopelessness and a feeling of loneliness and the cold harsh shroud of war. To see yourself live another day, you’ll have to scavenge. Though on paper it may seem easy, This War of Mine’s scavenging mechanic is hard and unforgiving. The guide will lead you through various topics, such as combat, scavenging and stealth.

You will die a lot and you’ll get frustrated, but that is expected because war is never easy. Item and inventory management will come in handy, especially in situations, when you’re on your scavenging trip. Various characters have different backpacks, with some having more and some having less inventory slots.

If you get lucky, you’ll find yourself a gun. Having a gun might help you during scavenging missions, but killing isn’t always an option. Using stealth might prove to be a better decision, especially, when your characters are cornered or just not that skilled with handguns or melee weapons.

With the help of this guide, you’ll get better, you’ll get to know some deeper mechanics of This War of Mine and with some luck and some skill you’ll be able to survive the war a little bit longer.

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