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Wall of Flesh is the final boss before the hardmode. It’s just what the name says – a wall of flesh coming full speed to hunt you down.

This monstrosity is called after throwing a voodoo doll in lava. The dolls get dropped by the Voodoo Demons, so kill them to get the voodoo doll drops. The wall of flesh is regarded as the master and core of the world… The all-powerful being that holds every piece of evil within it. Here’s a guide on how to beat it.

Some players have trouble even after gathering powerful items, get loads of potions and buffs, seem to have everything in place yet fail. This guide is also for those who have heard about the Wall, but haven’t fought it… Yet.

First of all, preparation on the item part isn’t enough. You have to be psychologically ready and have the right terrain for the fight. It should be mostly flat so you won’t run in to obstacles during the fight. Molten or Necro Armor should be your go-to sets for fighting the Wall of Flesh, since they give range damage a boost, and using range is the best way to defeat the Wall of Flesh. It has three main parts that you have to deal with: two eyes and a mouth. These stick out and you have to destroy them to kill the Wall. Secondly, there are flying tentacles that come after you, these bastards need to be neutralized also. To prepare the Terrain, think about having to move constantly for about 1:30-3:00 minutes and even out the terrain there. You might not need as much, but better safe than sorry.

When it comes to the items, it’s really a personal preference. There are some items that go well with some game plans, but you should choose whatever works best for you.

Armor: Molten, Meteor, Necro, Crimtane and Bee if you’re using non-melee. Molten is great even after beating the Wall since hardmode starts, you’re going to have to be on point.

Weapons: Hornet Staff with Bee armor, Molten Fury, Flamarang, Magma Stone, Beenades and Thorn Chakram… Minishark uses the bullets very quickly so stack up on ammo. Melee isn’t very effective in this battle since you are moving away from the wall at all times. Although it can be done, we don’t recommend bothering with it (at least during your first time) unless you’re really hardcore. Flails are awesome to damage the Hungries, small little mouths that come after you as it hits more than one at a time. PC version players should consider the Yoyo as the primary choice. It’s the Cascade or Valor Yoyo one should go after as it allows to run away and attack from afar.

Range & magic: the safest and most effective way to defeat the Wall is with ranged attacks or magic. Meteor Shots, Hellfire or Jester’s arrows are all effective against the wall. Hellfire arrows are probably the most common used by players to fight the Wall of Flesh. As you move away, focus the damage on the eyes as they have less health than the mouth to defeat the wall quicker. Magic weapons range from Bee Gun, Crimson Rod, Flamelash, Water Bolt, Diamond Staff and Demon Scythe. With magic, you won’t go wrong, just make sure you have a good defense set up. Some throwable weapons are also in play like Molotov cocktails and beenades. They cocktails, for example can harm a few of the Hungries and speed up the fight. They are considered OP, and you can find a video online where a guy beats the WOF on the first night with about 80 of them. It’s possible yet very unchallenging and hardly rewarding.

Accessories: Obsidian shield for damage prevention and a lot of regen and buff potions are suggested. Consider damage buffs and movement boosts.

So, the defeat of the Wall is right at your fingertips, just make sure you have the right setup and the weapons you have are going to be enough. Defeating the Wall of Flesh enables hardmode so be prepared for even greater challenges once you have defeated it. Take care and have fun!

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