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Every game has a glitch gremlin that dwells beneath the surface and messes with the game and the most unexpected of times. It is those glitches that provide the strange yet sometimes very satisfying (or not) experiences for the players that encounter them. Once people know about them, they try to recreate those glitches themselves, so it’s an attraction to players and the community to do those types of stunts. Here, we’re going to list some notorious and fun glitches that can or had occurred in Terraria over its existence.

  1. Nose disappearance. This has no pattern or explanation, but wear hats and sometimes your nose disappears.
  2. Map turns black for now apparent reason.
  3. Mothron Wings can be used to fly across a 1x1 hole above them, if they’re going fast enough. Use angel wings and lightning boots at the same time and you just might end up across the world in a completely different side (only on mobile version).
  4. Walking through a closed door – close the door while moving quickly towards it, open it and move right once very quickly, close the door, and move farther into the door.
  5. You can crash the game by launching a grappling device right at the center of the character.
  6. The door disappears if an NPC and you open it at the same time.
  7. In the underworld, Piranhas sometimes spawn in lava and die instantly after spawning… (fixed)
  8. Just starting might sometimes end up bad with you getting fall damage without even falling. A character dies even with falling damage negating items equipped.
  9. An endless night with no moon is a possibility (fix it by re-entering the game).
  10. Chests, flowers, toches, walls and other things may not appear the same to all of the players that are playing.

Ha ha! Great stuff. In total, players have flagged and written about more than 800 glitches (unique) in Terraria. Will you be the next one to find something special? Let us know!

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