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Since childhood, I have an interest in games that can be played inside other games. If the video game has a built-in game, I immediately understand that the developers approached the creation of the project with a heart and soul, even if it is something simple and insignificant. Let me tell you briefly about the most memorable "mini-games" I have played inside famous triple-A titles and indie games. This is not a top, but I will try to go from less famous to more recognizable games. I know that this sounds strange, but it’s pretty interesting to remember games inside of the game.

P/S I hope someone will be interested in this topic, and after reading you will drop screenshots from other games into the comments section. Since I am sure my list will not cover even the smallest part of all the "mini-games".


The mini-game which can be started by activating the in-game arcade machine was periodically removed and added to the penguin bar again with different updates of Starbound. The game is short and simple, you just need to get out of the maze. It's not big, although confusing. In a few minutes, it is done according to the "one-handed" gameplay rule. The entire interface is just decoration and does not affect the gameplay itself in any way.

Mass effect

"Quasar" is a game similar in meaning to famous gambling games like "21" or "Blackjack", however without the participation of the dealer. You need to score 17 to 20 points to win, adding to your points a number from 1 to 8, or from 4 to 7. This simplifies the game since you can slightly control the total card points.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout NV has a whole set of casino mini-games. Starting from a simple random game in a slot machine, and ending with an original card game.


The original card game has fairly clear rules, but the gameplay is heavily limited by the availability of the necessary cards. They can be found or bought from merchants, and after that using one of several winning strategies it is almost impossible to lose. While playing Fallout NV, I liked this mini-game, and I’ve spent a couple of hours playing it. Although large sums cannot be won in it.


I think the classic card game needs no introduction. The rules have not changed, and the amounts that can be won are significantly higher than in a Caravan. Available to play at all New Vegas casinos.


More precisely, American roulette, with zero and double zero. Otherwise, all the rules of the game are the same. You make a bet and pray to the god of randomness.

Slot Machine

Well, the last game is a one-armed bandit. There is nothing to do here, pull the lever, and hope for good luck. (In fact, this is the most abusive game from the entire list. It completely depends on the character's LUCK stats. So, if you pump your luck by 10 or a little less. You can be sure that in a couple of dozen Spins you will hit the jackpot.)


Oooh, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a “treasure chest” of mini-games. I have never seen such several games in any other game! Co-op games, classic arcade games, casino card games, sports games, slot machines, and horse racing! You can find here everything! I had to spend 3.5 million in-game cash to buy the club and all the arcade machines to test GTA5 mini-games.

P/S I will miss all the slot machines (there are about 8 of them) and bets on horse races, as well as arm wrestling. Since there are much better games to take a look at.

Don’t Cross the Line

This game is like a snake for 4. (Only without "food" for the snake) The idea is the same as in the original game, only here you still need to force the other player to "eat" own or someone else's tail.

Street Crimes: War Games

Another coop game for 4 players. You capture squares and simultaneously shoot opponents. If there are no squares left, you have lost.

Race + Chase

"Get Truckin", "Crotch Rockets", "Street Legal". Three racing games similar to games on old-school consoles and arcade machines. They are no different from each other except for transport. You can compete in these racing games with your teammates or other players.

The Wizard's Ruin

One of the highest quality mini-games in GTA5. This one is so great that I could even buy it separately on Steam for 2 bucks. There are several stages and even an additional mode that will open after completing the game. Quite good graphics and the only drawbacks are very bad hitbox detection. It's very hard to hit the enemy.

Space monkey 3

Space arcade with 3 levels. Nothing supernatural and superfluous, an ordinary shooter like its progenitor from ancient times (Cheers to Gradius!).

Invade and persuade 2

Another good mini-game, there were many of them in the 90s. The gameplay is simple, you drive a tank and shoot at ground and air enemies to get oil. Great levels variations and pretty neat graphics.

Mini golf

With such an approach, R* could sell it like a standalone game. There are different types of surfaces that affect the ball, as well as the wind and different clubs for the game. For fans of golf – this mini-game is a great addition to GTA5.


Another game that was taken seriously. Almost a full-fledged tennis simulator, but unfortunately not very interesting, although in general, it is well done.


Regular darts for several players. You can even play solo.

Three Card Poker

One of the casino gambling games. Up to 4 people can sit at the table, but according to the rules, the player plays against the dealer. So it’s impossible to compete in poker with other players in GTA5.


And again, the standard set for a casino. Regular blackjack with a table for 4 people.

American Roulette

Nothing new, another standard casino game based completely on luck only.

I hope this article was interesting to you and I will be very glad if you share your favorite games which had interesting mini-games as well.

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