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West of Loathing
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Kingdom of Loathing
Kingdom of Loathing

West of Loathing is a standalone, single player RPG/adventure game set in the universe of .

While West of Loathing retains the familiar monochromatic stick figure art of Kingdom of Loathing, it now features actual animation and direct character control. Combat is turn-based.


The game is set in the "Distant Lands," a continent to the west of the Kingdom of Loathing. This wild frontier is modeled after the 19th century American Southwest, with many trappings of the Weird Western genre, including occult and sci-fi elements.


  • Cow Punchers are muscle-based warriors who specialize in hitting things and beefing up.
  • Beanslingers are mysticality-based spellcasters with cooking skills.
  • Snake Oilers are moxie-based gunslingers who can brew patent tonics from snake parts.