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The very first question about IT certifications―are they worth it?

When we talk about certifications, these are linked to deeper understanding and readier technical proficiency of a certain IT subject like database, ERP, cybersecurity, or virtualization. These are just some of the topics that make up the IT domain.

And for IT people who want to gain knowledge and skills to keep them ahead of the competition, then getting a certification is certainly a great move. Since the number of IT certifications in the market is quite overwhelming, it’s best to choose from one of the industry’s best. And that is Oracle.

Oracles and its constant years of glory

For most IT graduates and professionals, getting associated with Oracle is simply a dream come true. Of course, many would prefer to be part of a top-notch, established company like Oracle than being employed in a small-scale business. The recognition is just undeniable. With any certification from Oracle, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd. You’ll be the owner of the digital badge that you can use on your social media profile and become more visible to your potential employer. Your skills will be validated by the leading IT vendor, and that gives you the opportunity to choose the position that suits you most as well as raises the question about the salary.

The glory days of Oracle are yet to end. They are on a continuous run to provide service to businesses and individuals. And if you are ready to get into the Oracle path, then surely you’re in good hands.

A well-recognized Oracle certification path

The certifications offered by Oracle are divided into two sections: Oracle Cloud and Oracle Software/Hardware. These sections in their turn fall into the categories according to the products offered. Thus, the first one includes IaaS, PaaS, SaaS-CX, SaaS-ERP, SaaS-HCM, SaaS-EPM, and SaaS-SCM. The second one contains Database, Applications, Java, Business Intelligence, Middleware, Enterprise Management, Industries, Operating Systems, Systems, Virtualization.

In this article, we’ll focus on the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional certification. So, to start with, Oracle Database 11g is one of the most in-demand certification paths among IT professionals. This is the version that introduces a series of new, significant features, including adaptability and availability of information infrastructure. And if you want to know more about this topic and further chase the path of an Oracle Administrator, don’t worry because we’ll break it down for you.

Oracle certification path is divided into different levels: Junior Associate, Associate, Professional, Master, Specialist, and Master. And for Oracle Database 11g, you can start with Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate, then Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional.

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate

Oracle Database holds an eminent status in the field of IT. This popular technology is largely used by top companies to keep their business in tip-top condition. And through Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate certification, you will learn all foundational features and functions of Oracle Database.

This associate-level credential gives you grounding in Oracle Database Architecture, Oracle Network Environment, and Oracle Instance. Moreover, with the series of hands-on activities, you will eventually learn how to build an Oracle Database, administer Oracle Instance, execute database backups, and more. Further, this will help you handle different storage structures, data, concurrency, and user security. It is highly important to fully understand all the topics of this exam because it serves a great foundation for the next exam―its professional-level validation.

The exam for this certification is Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052, which is a 90-minute multiple choice test with 70 questions. But before getting this exam, you first need to pass SQL Exam 1Z0-071. So, you need to complete two exams before you get your Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate certification.

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

Once you’re done with the associate level, time to level up and take Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional. Since this is already a step-up validation of your knowledge, then there are added requirements to complete.

This certification requires you to complete one of the specified courses for this certification. But if already have accomplished Oracle Database courses before, better check their list of archived courses that can act as a replacement so that there’s no need for you take a new course.

After this step, you can start preparing for Oracle Database 11g: Administration II | 1Z0-053. When taking the exam, you will be exposed to a deeper understanding of Oracle Database, including Architecture, ASM, RMAN, Space Management, and Scheduler. The exam illustrates more on RMAN or Recovery Manager―using it to create a backup, perform recovery, and duplicate database. Additionally, the exam allows you to easily configure backup specifications and recovery, as well as manage database performance, resources, and memory.

The exam requires you to complete 78 multiple-choice questions within 120 minutes. Compared to the previous exam, this one is quite long with more number of questions. This means that this exam will totally magnify your Oracle Database comprehension.

Unto the exam prep journey

When preparing all certification exams, you shouldn’t miss braindumps, along with other study materials like books, training courses, study guides, and practice tests. And if you’re looking for the best braindumps online, then simply visit PrepAway. The dumps offered by PrepAway are regularly updated, with the latest and most real test questions and answers. The exam dumps are in ETE file format and can be opened using their exam testing engine, known as the ETE Software, to be installed either on your personal computer or phone.

To make it more convenient, they have a collection of Oracle certification dumps to choose from - DBA, Java, Cloud, SQL, and more! And, did you know that PrepAway also has a bunch of training videos? These are not just for IT certifications but also videos for software testing, project management, finance video, and more. So, if you want a website that gives you valuable and effective exam references, PrepAway surely does not disappoint.


Always be on top of your game by getting Oracle certified. It’s a journey that takes you to a fruitful and positive IT career. When you earn your Oracle Database Administrator certification, it opens up a lot of benefits, including effective database techniques, potential career growth, job stability, and more.

What more can you ask for? Start your Oracle certification path and enjoy the amazing perks later!

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