Apple Vs Google: Gaming’s At Stake

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Gaming is always changing. This specific branch of entertainment has been growing and transforming over the past few decades. With each technological breakthrough, we thought we reached the peak.

In a way, we did – but something always emerged and challenged the existing framework. That happened several times, with the latest shake being mobile functionality for gamers. Years and years of hard labor in all parts have yielded much fruit, and the customers couldn’t be happier. While the largest part of the expertise is based in the mobile department, tech leaders started looking at profitable expansions into other branches a few years ago. And, let us just say, that was a great idea.

We now have VR and AR-based games, cloud-based platforms, live-streaming and a host of other innovative options for our favorite pastime. The lines between traditional gaming and mobile accessibility were crossed a long time ago. We are now witnessing assimilation of the two concepts, as tech giants like Apple and Google bring ingenious platforms into play. With Stadia and Arcade, what will happen with the world of gaming?

Let’s try to guess.

A Gamer’s Paradise

The two latest announcements that made waves in the industry are the Apple Arcade and Google’s Stadia. Apple Arcade is rumored to be worth $500 million. Do you think that’s too much? Well, it probably isn’t. Apple doesn’t expect the entire investment to return in one single year but rather views it as a long-term project. A project that will undoubtedly pay off in the years to come. Arcade offers the Apple users a chance to experience premium games add-free for only $4.99 per month. There are no ads and no in-game purchases. In terms of profitability, that is not a lot of money for such a service. Even though most world-famous games cannot be found on Arcade, the cunning Apple enlisted professionals. A host of talented game developers are hired to develop games exclusively for Apple – and Arcade. So, with the new platform, players will not only get unlimited access to astonishing games, but they will be predominantly native to Apple. Proprietary game software might be a bold move for Apple, but that is nothing new for this tech giant.

Steady, Even on a Cloud?

Google’s latest baby Stadia is a cloud-based live-streaming platform that people are going crazy over. Stadia will be officially launched mid-November, and we are all eagerly looking towards the new evolution of gaming. And evolution it will certainly be, as the platform brings a plethora of excellent titles straight to the player’s screens. And cameras, as they can live stream their playtime to others straight from the game on the same platform. Google promises 8K resolution and premium-quality titles – for a certain price, of course. If Stadia proves to be a success, we can get rid of the high-priced consoles and equipment as we won’t need that anymore. For a modern gamer, that presents an appealing challenge, but what about the other gaming companies that are established manufacturers of that specific equipment?

The two new platforms will inevitably trigger an avalanche of reactions from every part of the world. As mobile gaming already represents a goldmine for providers, it doesn't come as a surprise that these two moguls decided to jump right into the picture. And how does the picture change?

Faith No More

The new platforms represent the new era of gaming. Gone are the 15-second ads, in-game micropurchases, and pricey gadgets. Instead, we have subscriptions – both Arcade and Stadia feature subscriptions – that provide unrestricted one-of-a-kind experiences on all devices. Instead of bothering with several companies, providers, and accounts, you only have one – a place where you can pay and play for as long as you want. Apple and Google are even introducing better options for payments, so that aspect of this opportunity is covered. Apple was among the first companies to realize the importance of variety in payment methods. It started a trend that is becoming more and more popular in all different branches of the vast market that is iGaming, particularly on the online gambling scene. Many versatile payment services on offer for gamers around the globe are listed on this website here.

Even though subscriptions for Stadia will be considerably higher, the question of profitability for the standard gamer opens discussions. Even those who decide to forego costly gear will have to dish out considerable amounts of money for the opportunity to play games on Stadia. But is that a problem for them? It seems that it is not. Even major developing companies like Nvidia and Electronic Arts started dropping hints about their gaming services.

That means that, even if Apple and Google don’t succeed in reshaping the gaming industry, they will indirectly affect it. Key players in the gaming industry must keep up with the pace of things to stay in the game.

Thus, we conclude that success or no, Stadia and Arcade will have an enormous influence on the gaming community.

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