Life is Strange: Nathan’s Phone Code

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If you're stuck when trying to unlock Nathan’s phone (the dude put a code on it) here are some tips that can help you. There are two ways to unlock nathan’s phone. You have to find and enter the pink code (guess it correctly) or enter the puk code. Any of these actions will lead you to unlocking the phone and attaining the information within.

You have this sim card cage with pin and puk codes on it. The pin code won’t work obviously since Nathan Prescott was smart enough to change it. However once you’ve messed up with wrong sim codes enough, you will be able to enter puk code, which you happen to have in your hands.

  • So in order to unlock Nathan’s phone you have to enter puk code, which is 87897808.
  • Another way to unlock Nathan’s phone is to actually enter the pin code, which happens to be his birthday date numbers: 0829.

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