Life is Strange Episode 1 Optional Photo Collection

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If you’re playing Life is Strange, you’d probably like to collect all the photos to your journal. Max is a photographer, after all. Collecting all the photos will add them to your journal where you may check them out to see what’s still missing (or just look at the pictures you took, but they are not extremely good in my humble opinion). In any case, having all the pics collected will grant you an achievement or a trophy.

In the first episode Chrysalis you can take 10 pictures. Their locations are here:

  1. Don’t rush out of the classroom you are at the beginning. There is something scribbled on the desk, you want to take a photo of that.
  2. Second one is in the school’s campus when you get out of the building. Take a picture of that not-so-good-looking statue next to the fountain.
  3. Third photo is a bit tricky, you’ll have to speak to Justin that is standing right next to the statue, and you’ll have to say the right things and rewind, in order to be able to take that picture (everything will be explained in the video below).
  4. Now once you go to the dormitories, don’t just go straight in. There will be someone sitting on the bench next to the tree, and behind that tree, you’ll see a squirrel, your fourth ingenious picture.
  5. Next one is in your room. For some reason Max wants to take a picture of herself in a mirror.
  6. Another picture is waiting in Victoria’s room. You’ll have to interact with some stuff and the opportunity to take a photo will arise.
  7. If you want to take a seventh photo, you’ll have to get some football players to break a window. It’s the time when Alyssa gets hit in a head, you’ll have to rewind and warn her. Then you can shoot a broken window.
  8. Next one is at the parking lot. You’ll have to draw on some dusty windows and take a pic of the masterpiece you’ve just made.
  9. When the story line spawns you into the forest, you want to find a bird sitting on a rock.
  10. Number 10 is Chloe on the bench with the sunset in the background (you’ll see).

And that’s it for Chrysalis episode optional photos.

This video will show you where to find all the things you’ll be wanting to take a photo of in Life is Strange Episode 1 (Chrysalis) in detail.

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