Plot issues in Life is Strange

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This entry will clearly contain spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game yet, you might want to stop here. But if you have played Life is Strange recently you must have definitely noticed some plot holes or forced decision making. Like that time you had to choose whether to answer a call from Kate. There really shouldn’t be any decision there, you could just talk on the phone while going out with Chloe.

And there were many weird situations (like taking a selfie in a middle of a class when you are sitting in a middle of the attention circle, who does that?) that make the game a bit unnatural. I liked the game, really, it’s a good one, but those strange things were making the experience rather artificial. Well, life is strange, I guess, many things can happen in many ways. But in case you want to check out a list of things to be picky about, check out the video. It contains the plot issues you may or may not have noticed in Life is Strange.

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