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Life is Strange characters are very unsual and interesting. Look more attentive and get them more well!

Maxine Caulfield (Max)

Maxine Caulfield (Max) is the main character of Life is Stranger. Max is an 18 years old, quite, calm school girl at Blackwell Academy. Everyone noticed that Max like more to observe what is going around her, but not to participate in activitiesPhotography is the only one thing which she like in school, and it was for sure her hobby. After saving a childhood friend Chloe's life, Max realizes that she has an ability to rewind and to stop the time - but she doesn't know how to use that ability, it's still a mystery for her. In mission to save the town Max started to discover more and more her power.

Chloe Elizabeth Price

Chloe Elizabeth Price is a childhood friend of Max CaulfieldShe has born in March 11, 1994 in a small city Arcadia Bay where she lived with her parents Joyce and William Price. Chloe met Max in 1999 then parents bought her a kitten. From the that time Clay and Max became best friendsAfter the escape of Max, Chloe fell in love with a girl named Rachel Amber. This girl has learned Chloe how to deal with a loss of her father and escape of her best friend Max. Suddenly Rachel, Amber has disappeared so Chloe started the investigation to search her. Chloe has been killed on October 7, 2013 by Nathan Prescott. After this  accident Max discover about her abilities and made Chloe alive again. 

Rachel Dawn Amber

Rachel, Amber was born in 1994 the 22 of July in Long Beach, California. She was a with ablonde hair and hazel colored eyes. During the studies in Blackwell academy, she met Chloe Price and became her girlfriend. At the same time she Rachel has met Frank Bowers which was a drug dealer of Chloe. Rachel involved in a relationship with Frank and said that it was a special feeling. But then Rachel was watched by her Chloe's stepfather, DavidMadsen, she stopped to attend to school and in April 23 of 2013 Rachel disappeared.

Mark Jefferson

Mark Jefferson is a teacher and a photographer in Blackwell Academy. He has born in Arcadia Bay but later moved to make a professional photography career. After successfulcareer, he has returned back to Arcadia Bay to take a teacher work in Blackwell Academy. He had a lot talented student and Max Caulfield was one of them. In the Mark lesson Max has experienced the first manifestation of her ability.

Nathan Joshua Prescott

Nathan Joshua Prescott is a member of one the oldest family, which was settled in Arcadia Bay. He was born in 29 of August, in 1994. He was attending to the Blackwell Academy, where felted free doing anything because of his family influence to school. In result Nathan treated all people in school without regard and fear and started to sell drugsAfter a blackmail story with Chloe, he killed her with a gun.

Warren Daniel Grahman

Warren is a good friend for Max, also a student at Blackwell AcademyHe loves old stuff, like old movies and music. Warren is very honest and kind boy, who is interested in Max. He all the time tries to be more near Max, but for him it's hard, because of his shyness withgirls. All the time he tries to protect Max, to make her laughing and one time he took the courage and defended Max against Nathan Prescott. One of youngest student in Blackwell Academy is the main of supporting characters in Life is Strange.

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