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The game created by Russian developers includes a lot of national-related features. Almost every character here is an in-game reflection of certain Russian imageboard. That’s why some foreign players cannot dive into the game completely as they just don’t understand specific jokes or interactions. Of course, it’s not necessary to know Russian imageboard and Russian Internet culture to enjoy Everlasting Summer. But this background may be useful.

So, here we want to provide detailed descriptions of each character including main heroes with their own routes and secondary NPCs. This article is some kind of review without huge spoilers. But two characters placed at the end of the list are literally living spoilers. Be careful if you don’t want to discover plot twists in advance. Generally, other descriptions don’t contain any hints, prompts or routes. For detailed step-by-step guides check other our articles.

Main characters

This section includes the main hero and all characters with their own routes.


Semyon is the main hero of Everlasting Summer, the narrator, and the protagonist. He is a slim man about 25-year-old who likes anime. Semyon describes himself as a very regular person without hobbies or special features. After quitting the university in the 2nd year, our hero just sits home alone. He is a freelancer but pretty unsuccessful.

Accidental travel to the pioneer camp called Sovionok changes the life of Semyon. He turns into the 18-year-old boy and has to find answers to mysterious events here. As players cannot choose every Semyon’s decision he does some completely stupid things, especially, when interacting with girls.

Relations with other characters are defined by players, so here we provide attitude to girls at the start of Semyon’s journey to Sovionok:

  • Alisa. Semyon thinks she is a bully and prefers not to talk with Alisa. Probably, the boy even is rather afraid of her energy, aggression, and wrath.
  • Lena. Semyon describes Lena as a beautiful but very sad girl. As she is very calm and even isolated the boy treats Lena indifferently.
  • Slavya. It’s the first girl Semyon met in Sovionok. Slavya is described as the beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Semyon likes her as she always can help him.
  • Ulyana. The youngest girl in the camp. She is full of energy and ready for funny tricks. Semyon is aware of Ulyana because of her childish behavior.
  • Miku. Semyon met this girl in the music room. He describes Miku as the multi-instrumental girl who really loves music. Semyon is annoyed by her quick language.

Cultural background: Semyon is based on the average visitor of imageboards, so regular players can dive into this role. But some strange decisions of the hero usually drive players mad. That’s why most of all gamers unlock bad endings for their first playthrough. Also, Semyon’s route has two different endings.


Alisa is shown as a really bad girl and rebel who don’t like any rules. She has a short orange hair, plays guitar and listens to Russian rock music. At first sight, Alisa is an aggressive hooligan with strong hatred to other people. Boys and girls in the camp mainly describe Alisa in this vein but everything with this girl is more complicated.

Actually, Alisa hides her soft personality. She tries to protect herself with this odd appearance and behavior but players can reveal it. Alisa extremely wants to find somebody who can understand and accept her vulnerable side. Alisa’s friendship with Lena also hides some unusual twists based on relationships with boys.

Relations with other characters:

  • Semyon. The newcomer is the really interesting person for Alisa and she tries to attract his attention in her specific style. Alisa doesn’t show her feelings until last days.
  • Lena. The old friend of Alisa since their childhood. But Lena always was more successful in social interactions, so Alisa is offended by her.
  • Slavya. Relations are not revealed at all. Girls don’t interact with each other during the entire story. Probably, Alisa doesn’t like Slavya for accuracy and fidelity.
  • Ulyana. The roommate of Alisa and her only real friend. Alisa tries to protect and care for Ulyana considering her as a younger sister. Girls performed a lot of tricks together.
  • Miku. Relations are revealed very slightly. We know that Miku and Alisa both love music, so they talk about it sometimes. Alisa also may think that Miku is too bustling.

Cultural background: Alisa is based on the classical image of tsundere from Japanese culture. Her prototype is Dvach-tyan, the mascot of 2ch from Russian segment of the Internet. It’s interesting that originally Alisa had a hair with lightning-style tails like her prototype. But later developers changed their mind and created more regular hairstyle. Also, Alisa is the most loved NPC.


Lena is extremely calm and even asocial person. She doesn’t speak loudly, likes reading books and tries to avoid conflicts. Lena has a short hair with purple tails, beautiful face with big eyes. It may be interesting that the girl is afraid of owls, that fear is revealed in her route. Lena often spends time alone but also can interact with other girls without problems.

Same as Alisa, Lena hides her real personality. The girl fell in love with Semyon at the day when he appeared in the camp. But Lena is too shy to show her feelings, so she just timidly tries to interact with the protagonist. Later, players can discover a more confident side of Lena. This character evolves more than others during the game and depending on the chosen route.

Relations with other characters:

  • Semyon. Lena loves this boy but cannot reveal her emotions until the last days in Sovionok. She argues with Alisa as both girls want to attract Semyon’s attention.
  • Alisa. The best friend of Lena in the past. Now girls are some kind of opponents who don’t like each other. But Lena and Alisa are similar in that they hide real personalities.
  • Slavya. Detailed relations are not shown but it’s obvious that girls are friends. They talk sometimes during the game about different things.
  • Ulyana. This girl tries to surprise Lena in her own childish style. Sometimes tricks are successful but more often Lena doesn’t react to them due to her natural calmness.
  • Miku. Lena and Miku are roommates but we don’t know anything about their relations. Probably, they can interact with each other like Lena and Slavya.

Cultural background: Lena is based on the mascot of imageboard Iichan called Unyl-tyan. This name can be translated like Sad-girl. Canvas and pictures in Lena’s room reveal that she likes painting. Among all girls with unique endings, Lena has the most unusual route and finals. You can check our article «Everlasting Summer: Endings» to learn more about Lena’s endings.


Slavya is all about her name as she has a regular Slav appearance: gold hair with long braids, blue eyes and so on. According to her words, she is from far northern lands. Slavya is the best example of a lawful pioneer who always follows rules and tries to help adults. The girl wants to unite pioneers in the camp and helps anybody, especially Semyon.

As the camp leader, Olga Dmitrievna, trusts Slavya, she acts like the vice-leader. But sometimes Slavya uses her power and authority for her own purposes. Players can notify unusual behavior of Slavya near the end of the game, e.g. her sturdiness with Semyon. That hints her hidden sides and wishes. Also, Slavya likes night swimming, knitting, forests and nature at all.

Relations with other characters are similar for everybody. Slavya follows her image of banner pioneer and builds calm friendly relations with all characters. Sometimes she can confront with Alisa and Ulyana who don’t like any rules. Slavya tries to protect and help Semyon a lot while she is turning into the confident and open-minded girl in her route.

Cultural background: Slavya is also based on the mascot of Iichan which has the same name, Slavya-tyan. But full name of the girl is Slavyana, it’s an unusual but really existing Russian name. Slavya’s story is the most regular and soft among all routes. This character has a lot of mods which means players like Slavya.


Ulyana is the youngest girl among all other characters. She is about 12-14-year-old and that’s why her route focuses only on friendship without sexual subtext. Ulyana smiles a lot, has a medium red hair and a notable shirt with symbols of USSR. Childish nature of this young girl always leads to unpleasant situations and troubles.

Ulyana like other girls also have some hidden sides of her personality. All these tricks and jokes with food, insects etc. are some kind of mask. Ulyana wants to prove that she is an adult… Well, she chose a bit strange way but she is just a kid anyway. For sure, Ulyana is the plainest character without complex moral choices.

Relations with other characters are complicated. Almost every NPC realizes that Ulyana is pretty young. That’s why nobody hates here but the camp leader tries to subordinate Ulyana. Only Alisa accepts the nature of her roommate and joins her in various tricks. Semyon can also become a cool friend of Ulyana.

Cultural background: this character is based on another mascot of 2ch called USSR-tyan. She has the same appearance as her prototype. Name Ulyana is a reference to the real surname of Vladimir Lenin – Ulyanov. Probably, this girl reflects a classical atmosphere of old Soviet pioneer camps without mysteries of Everlasting Summer.


Here we have one of the most exotic girls. Miku is the leader of the music room and it’s obvious that she loves music. According to the plot, Miku’s mother is from Japan and her father is a Soviet engineer. Her appearance is quite usual except one feature – she has very long cyan hair in two tails.

Miku is an extremely talkative girl with a strong passion for life. She likes everything around her. Such person may be annoying for other characters. Miku has some troubles with communication and tries to hide them. This girl is strange, but paradoxically pleasant, she captivates with her spontaneity.

Relations with other characters are not shown in details. We can understand that Miku wants to run shoulders with Semyon. Also, Miku and Alisa talk about music a lot. It’s not obvious, but probably the girl communicates with Lena as they live together. More relations players can discover in Miku’s route.

Cultural background: Miku’s prefiguration is Miku Hatsune, one of the most famous Japanese virtual singers, vocaloids. Originally developers planned to include Miku as a secondary character without the unique story. But later they added her route which significantly differs from all other endings.

Secondary characters

This section includes all characters without routes in the original game.


Zhenya is the librarian in Sovionok. She spends almost all time with books, so it’s hard to encounter her anywhere in the camp. Zhenya is a little irritable, she doesn’t like other people means she is even more asocial than Lena. Appearance features short dark blue hair with one tail. We know that Elektronik loves Zhenya, but his feelings remain meek.

Cultural background: Zhenya is based on Mithgirl, a female version of Mithgol the Webmaster. That person is iconic for Russian imageboard culture as he is an eccentric fan of FidoNet. Zhenya is the only character with the official mod from developers where players can unlock her own route. This mod has the title One pioneer’s story.

Shurik and Elektronik

Friends from the club house spend their time building a robot and trying to interest Semyon in their work. They are really smart guys who love science. Friends are similar and interact with other characters rarely. Guys have some influence on the plot. For example, the card game during the 2nd day is invented by Elektronik. At the same time, you have to look for Shurik during key events of the 4th day.

Cultural background:

  • Shurik is based on the main hero with the same name from Soviet comedy movies.
  • Elektronik is a copy of another Soviet movie hero, an android with the same name.

Originally Shurik and Elektronik had to match other mascots of 2ch, brothers Tokarev and Lyricheskiy. However, these heroes of Everlasting Summer differ from mascots too much. Fans of boys created several mods including yaoi routes.

Olga Dmitrievna

Olga Dmitrievna is the camp leader and one of two adults shown in the game. She is a pretty woman about 25-year-old. Olga tries to be strict but fair, however, she allows Semyon to break some rules. The camp leader rests a lot sunbathing with a book. At the end of the game, we realize that she really loves her pioneers.

Cultural background: Olga Dmitrievna is based on the creator of Iichan, a mysterious and anonymous person called Mod-tyan. Another version claims that the prototype for this character is Banhammer-tyan, the symbol of censorship and moderators.


Here we have another adult from the game. Viola is a middle-aged woman, the camp nurse, and owner of the local infirmary. She interacts with pioneers only when they are injured or sick. Viola has a power in the camp, but she is phlegmatic and almost always spends her time near infirmary. The nurse is a bit more important character in Slavya’s route.

Cultural background: the character is based on another mascot of Iichan named Collider-sama. Yeah, she is a humanized analog of Large Hadron Collider! In the old version of Everlasting Summer Viola was the main antagonist.

Spoiler characters

This section includes only two characters which you will encounter during final runs.


Yulya is one of the main heroes and most mysterious characters in Sovionok. She is a cat-girl with cat ears and tail. Yulya lives in the forest, steals food from the canteen and watches for adventures of Semyon during each week-long round. Other boys and girls cannot interact with Yulya, but she has an ability to speak with them in case of emergency.

Players can find Yulya in the mine shaft after completing all good endings of other characters. She knows almost nothing about mysteries of Sovionok but can help Semyon to finally stop this cycle. Both endings of Yulya prove that she is an alter-ego of the protagonist placed in the camp to help and protect him.

Cultural background: Yulya is based on the mascot of – you know – Iichan, YuVAO-tyan. This name reflects the name of Moscow’s part, South-East Autonomous District. According to words of an anonymous user, he once spotted a cat-girl in this area. In the old version of the game, Yulya was a mutant from Viola’s secret lab.


It’s another character which is shown in Yulya’s route. Also, Pioneer appears in the route of Semyon. Actually, there are a lot of Pioneers from different alternate realities and all of them are copies of Semyon with the same appearance. Pioneers have their own cycles in camps, but sometimes they can travel between them and join the cycle of original Semyon.

Players can interact only with two Pioneers. One of them is evil, he claims that there is no exit from cycles. Another Pioneer is calm and quiet, he hides from his evil alter-ego and proves that Semyon can break the cycle. Pioneers remember their previous weeks in Sovionok. They also want to return home, but the only true ending hints it’s impossible.

Cultural background: being the exact copy of Semyon Pioneer also has the same prototype, history, and background.

In this article, we didn’t describe characters from various mods. Everlasting Summer is the pretty complex game with a lot of unanswered questions and unofficial characters or routes can just confuse you more. That’s why we recommend beating the game without mods except for a single official add-on, One pioneer’s story. Try to reveal all mysteries of Sovionok with our guides or without them!

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