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Destination Primus Vita
Mac PC
Epsilon Games
Primus Vita
Primus Vita

In the year 3044, a Special is sent to Primus Vita, a planet where live the Alaiens that stole our water, several hundred years ago. The trip takes four years to make, and all passengers are put in cryosleep.

NIM, the AI of the ship, will send to each of one some challenges and some emotionally charged memories, in order to keep them sane and optimal upon their arrival on Primus Vita.

Destination Primus Vita is an episode sci-fi, narrative and puzzle game. You'll live the journey of each of the six charaters of the Special Crew 121 - Austin, Hayao, Artemis, BrX, Geny and Coby. This dream-like game will let you live an experience never seen before.