Using a VPN for Better Gaming Experience: What You Should Know

Most computer savvy individuals know that a VPN increases your security and privacy while online. However, there are many uses specific to gamers that can enhance their experiences. Here are seven scenarios where a VPN will work to improve your gaming.

1. Get the Newest Games First

Did you know that games are often released in a staggered fashion around the world? Someone in Japan may have access to a new game well before a player in Canada does.  This waiting period can feel like forever to serious gamers. A VPN that allows you to select an IP in a different country could be the solution. Choose a region where the game is due to be launched first, and you will have immediate access. Using a VPN could give you a leg up on your competition, as you will have the extra time to work on your skills.

2. Avoid the Travel Letdown

Vacation or travel abroad sounds like a great thing until you realize your gaming access will be altered. Most games use your IP address to determine which server to connect you to. It is done to provide fast connections and better gameplay. This practice can be prohibitive if you travel out of your country. The IP address you are using while on vacation may send you to a different gaming server. A VPN will allow you to connect to the server you are used to. Select a VPN server in your home area, and you will be back to your usual gaming spot.

3. Maintain a Connection with Your Usual App Store

Not every game store, like the PlayStation Store, is available everywhere. Some countries have limited or no access to these outlets. If you live in a region restricted from these stores, your gaming choices become slim. Use a VPN to get around this issue. A good VPN will allow you to choose a server in a country with unrestricted access. This should give you the ability to buy and download games as if you were there.

4. Reduce Lag and Connection Speed Issues

Lag is one of the worst issues a gamer can deal with. The sudden slowing or freezing of gameplay ruins the experience and can cause you to lose matches. The best VPN providers like this one offer gaming servers. These are designed to reduce latency and lag. Use the gaming VPN server to connect to a gaming server close by. This will reduce ping time and the risk of lagging.

5. Increase Your Personal Security

The gaming world is generally safe. Administrators monitor most popular online games with the sole purpose of keeping players secure. There are also developers that try to keep up with any potential bugs or hacks that put gamers at risk. These security measures provide confidence in the safety of your gaming environment.

But even with all these precautions, there are still security threats. Hackers can sniff out vulnerable spots in gaming servers. This sometimes leads to compromised accounts, which often results in virtual and real theft. Gamers lose their inventory in the game or have their stored credit card information stolen. Use a VPN every time you log in to play. It can keep your account secure by encrypting any information that goes to and from the gaming server. The confidence of having a VPN will make your gameplay more enjoyable.

6. Get in on Multiplayer Action

Many multiplayer games are blocked because of geo-restrictions. This can be due to perceived language barriers or because of titles not being launched in your region. A VPN can help you bypass this restriction and join multiplayer games around the world. A good VPN will allow you to choose a server in any region. It will give you access to any game title you would like.

7. Avoid ISP Throttling

Your internet service provider (ISP) may be intentionally slowing your traffic down. This results in diminished gameplay and lag. Some ISPs will watch for large packets of traffic like file downloads or streaming. They will then decrease the connection speed for that user. This practice is questionable and illegal in some areas, but that may not matter to your ISP. A VPN can help prevent throttling by hiding your traffic from your ISP. If they cannot determine if you are streaming a video or gaming, they are unlikely to throttle your connection.


Downloading and using a good VPN can help improve your overall experience while online. Consider shopping around for a provider that offers a gaming VPN that will be tailored to your gameplay needs.

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