Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror video game played from first-person perspective. In the game player plays as protagonist Daniel, who explores a dark and mysterious castle and trying to maintain his sanity. The game often uses physics-based object interaction to solve puzzles. For example fixing machinery or just opening doors. There are two bars that players need to take care of: health bar and sanity bar. While health bar should be more or less clear. If sanity bar is low, Daniel starts seeing hallucinations and starts drawing the attention of monsters. To keep sanity high Daniel needs to stay in the light and see less disturbing events, however there aren't many light sources in the castle and Daniel has to balance his time in dark and light. If sanity gets critical it is possible to use tinderboxes, light candles or  deploy oil burning lantern. However all of the resources are scarce and shouldn't be used without thought. As there are no weapons in the game, Daniel always have to flee if a monster starts chasing him. Daniel then must find places to hide with obstacles, monsters will eventually leave if they can't find him. To see a gamepaly video of this chills causing survival horror video game, you can watch the gameplay video provided below.

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