7 Best Educational Adventure Games on PC

Are you a high-school student or college going undergrad, you must be swamped with the truckload of term papers every now and then. The possibility of burnout from doing such homework is really high. But it is not needed that learning should only happen through the textbooks or doing assignments and what not. Have you tried the ‘non-linear’ way of learning? Let us define the non-linear way of learning. It means you learn and imbibe more when you start immersing in the study material via different modes of learning. Be it doing homework or watching a YouTube video or playing any educational games on PC. For e.g. playing Educational or Adventure games on PC can really boost your creativity and brain.


Therefore, here we bring you 7 best Educational-Adventure games that you can play on PC in your leisure time and supercharge your brain.

⦁ Kerbal Space Program

This game literally is a perfect mix of science and the art of surviving in an alien environment. There is a planet called Kerbin inhabited by alien green Kerbal. The speciality of this game is that it teaches you rocket science from scratch. Because unless you learn, you won’t be able to move forward. Immerse in this game, learn the tutorial and build up the space program from ground zero. It teaches rocket science, lets you build up the space program from scratch. There are tutorials to teach you every concept. Play this game and have ‘interstellar’ fun.

⦁ Victoria 2

What better way to learn history than actually be the part of it. With this game, you will be experiencing Industrialisation, a social and political upheaval of those times. It is the visceral experience of being in that environment that makes this game one of the interesting ones to play.

⦁ Civilization V

With this game, you are the cusp of the start of civilization. Go back 4500 years back, start from scratch, build the cities, plan the urban management. It is one of the most beautiful game with respect to panorama and the landscapes. While playing the game, you will get true insights into the history and geography of the world.

⦁ Stellaris

Stellaris is one of those adventure games which can give you a virtual feeling of a king, in fact you are a ‘Ruler’. You can build a space empire, go on a space odyssey and find new life. Within the due course of time, you will encounter friendly and alien species. It is your job to cultivate the relationship with the friendly species and destroy the alien, enemy species. It's your job to create a rule-based space government. Acquire funds and invest in cutting-edge research. Resource and planning management is crucial in this respect.

⦁ Offworld Trading Company Review

How to venture into extraterrestrial global wealth generation system? It's a cut-throat competition out there onto Mars and you have to give your 100% to put yourself ahead of the competition. The game has supply chain systems at its core. There are other corporations ready to eat your pie and there is a breakneck competition in the economy to get hold of the Mar's economic resources.

Play this game to learn about investing, trading and the art of economic war.

⦁ War Thunder

War Thunder gives you the adrenaline rush of being in the moment of the World war 2. Experiment with Panzer tanks and Luftwaffe aeroplanes and destroy the enemy bunkers. You will learn how to handle pressure, perform the tactics and manoeuvre the game.

⦁ Cities: Skyline

Immerse yourself in transport management and modern urban planning management. Find the most muddied landscape and it’s your job to clear it out of garbages and make the environment a pleasing one. You will get the real taste of the civil engineering in this game. You also need to worry about the availability of the fund and how you are going to chart ahead. But after playing this game, you will have gained tidbits of modern city management and urban planning for sure!

They say that experience is the best teacher. And when you simulate yourself by playing such games, you are dealing with multiple stakeholders. In such situations, the focus and due diligence on your part becomes crucial. Playing such strategy games pump up your adrenaline and force you to put your thinking cap on, devise some strategy, and plan the adventure. When you simulate yourself to be under pressure, your decision-making skills are tested to its fullest capabilities. We hope that while studying for your end terms, or completing your assignments, if you play such games, this will result in you becoming better Assignment Geek in the process. Happy learning and playing!

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