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Doomster Entertainment
Doomster Entertainment

3DRPG places the player in the pixelated feet of a lost soul wandering the underworld. In the presence of the Lord of the Underworld Burzur, the player is given a task to hunt down the main character’s killer and earn the right to live again! This task takes the player on a journey through a pixelated voxel world where recruitable NPC characters await.

3DRPG borrows much of its game play mechanic from the JRPG genre. The game’s focus is on the development and leveling of your travel party. Additional facets of the game include Crafting Armour, Weapons & Potions.

Players can choose from 15 different professions and battle over 50 different enemies which populate the randomly generated dungeons. A mentoring system can be leveraged to increase the rate at which characters within the player’s party gain statuses and increase levels.