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Wizard of Legend
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Wizard of Legend is a fast paced 2D dungeon crawler where players assume the role of a powerful wizard on their quest to compete in the Chaos Trials.


Every year In the kingdom of Lanova, the Legendary Council of Magic holds an invitational challenge for qualified wizards who aspire to join their ranks. Contestants who manage to overcome all the trials set forth by the Council will be granted the honor of joining the Council of Magic as its newest Wizard of Legend!

These trials are held in Lanova Castle, where each council member shapes a section of the castle into a labyrinth filled with hazards and challenging enemies. The contestant that successfully navigates all of the challenges and demonstrates superior wizardry earns the right to become a Wizard of Legend!

As council members conjure and fashion the castle as they see fit, the stages that they create often reflect both their personalities and elemental affinities. And although the floor layouts are changed for every trial, each member tends to have favorite rooms or hallways that they may be inclined to reuse.