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DeSync Studios
DeSync Studios

Unleash is an online, multiplayer Tower Defense and Tower Wars game. The game is as of October 2017 in beta, under development by new danish indie game developer: DeSync Studios.

The game features currently two distinct game modes: Tower Defense and Tower Wars.

The Tower Defense game mode is typical TD, where players build up their base consisting of walls and towers, typically by mazing the layout of the base to force monsters to walk for as long as possible. Monsters come in predefined waves. Although each player is alone, the game mode can be played in multiplayer as a contest to be the last player surviving all waves.

The Tower Wars game mode is inspired by "Line Tower Wars". Each player has a lane that is lined up next to the other players. Each player defends his or her base using walls and towers, while at the same time spawning monsters that are sent to the first opponent to the right of the player. Spawning monsters increase income, which is earned on an interval.

More information can be found on the official website: http://UnleashGame.com