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The Fallen Chronicler
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The Fallen Chronicler is a action-oriented role playing indie game. The game is set in the massive fantasy world of Tal-Imira that can be explored without limits. The game follows linear story line with few different endings that are player choice dependent. Nevertheless player is not bound to the main story line for he can go wherever and whenever he desires. The game is currently in development for PC and Mac.


A mysterious secret cult by the name "Society of Chroniclers" is in the rising in the Empire. The Empire officials think that the cult is some foul new religion spreading rapidly throughout the land poisoning the mind of common folk. Player - an outcast from the Empire - is called back from his exile to uncover the cultists and their dark plans and by that way atone his past deeds. The main story line features dozens of play hours filled with adventure, action and exploring.

Side Quests

Side quests are adventures and tasks that are not related to the main story line and are bestowed upon player by non-player-characters and various in-game events. Every side quest represents a single story with its characters and locations. Questing in general represents the core of the game, where player is sucked into an immersive storytelling and in the end he is rewarded for it with in-game gold, items etc.

Character Management

Character management plays vital role in the world of the game. At the beginning player is given choices while creating his own character starting from gender, race and profession to background information like his birth place and his religious devotion. Every choice made in the character creation will have great impact on the game play itself. (e.g. many races are not welcoming toward other races and so on...)

The game play offers player plethora of skills to advance. Every skill in the game is advanced by action (e.g. skill "Melee" is advanced whenever player hits living thing with his weapon, etc...) This way gives player numerous ways to advance his character and to build hero of his own measurements.