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Tank Force
First release date

Tank Force is the arcade-type tank game, developed by Russian game studio Extreme Developers.

The game is sharing via f2p model.

Developers focused on the fast and arcade battles more than on the simulation real tanks behavior.

One of the key feature of the game - being cross-platform.
Supporting platforms:
* Steam
* WebGL
* Android
* Windows Store
* iOS/MacOS

In the game represented different types of vehicles separated on the 3 figurative blocks:
* Russian Military Forces
* NATO Military Forces
* Asia region Military Forces

Tank Force economic system allowing to sell in-game stuff like Tanks and special equipment.

Tanks Force built on session battles.
Teams can win the game by destroying all opponents or by capturing the flag.

A player may take several types of vehicle in the battle, in the Tank Force it will be a representation of "lives".
While the player have tanks he may return to battle.

The game also has different camouflages and decals types, that can be placed on tanks.
This list is different from each vehicle.

There are 3 tank types:
* Light Tank (fast, high fire rate, low HP)
* Medium Tank (all characteristics are averaged)
* Heavy Tank (high damage, high HP, low speed and fire rate)