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Starship Assassin
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Starship Assassin is a multiplayer arena shooter. Play as an evil corporation racing against other players to get the team’s A.I. Core to level 10 to win the game.


In a dystopian future where all resources are gone and mined out, corporations need new ways to make money. As a last resort, corporations are racing to make the smartest A.I., in hopes that the A.I. comes up sound business plans to continue making money. One of these anticipated plans is that the A.I. will come up with a way for a corporation to travel into other universes.

The first corporation whose A.I. becomes smart enough to carry out cross-universe travel will be able to reap the resources of all new universes, while leaving the competition in a ruined, resourceless older universe. Play as one of these corporations battling each other with lasers to build a super A.I.


The main goal of the game is to defend the team’s core, and destroy the enemy’s core. Meanwhile, the player must also focus on getting resources to build up their A.I. core to level 10 to achieve cross-universe travel.

Armed with a jetpack, the player must fly around space and shoot their enemies, gather resources, and build their team’s base. There are wormholes that can lead to secret items, help the player gain levels, or they may run into an enemy where they’ll both have to fight for their life. The game arena is randomly generated at the beginning of each game, so exploration is a must in order to find new secrets and valuable resources.

The game ends when a team gets their A.I. core to level 10.