Slingray (0)

First release date


Slingray is a team-based competitive multiplayer space-hockey game played from a 2D top-down perspective.

A playable alpha is available now, and updates are being released regularly.


Like , ships are controlled by thrust and direction, drifting with inertia. Like ice hockey, players must carefully manage their momentum to avoid overshooting their destination or being stuck with no energy. Some arenas feature slingpoints which enable the ship to grapple through the arena using the titular Slingray.

A standard match is played by two teams, with the winner being the first team to five goals. Play occurs in rounds that begin with a face-off and continue until a goal is scored. The face-off is a 10 second timer during which the ball is placed in the center of the arena and protected by a forcefield. Players jockey for position, then clash for the ball when the forcefield is lifted as the timer expires.