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A third person, co-op shooter – Warframe spends no time explaining itself and diving right in might be a little complex, but over time this fun space themed, sci-fi shooter is going to become extremely fun for you.

In the game, you control a member of a race called Tenno, the ancient species of warriors who wake from a deep sleep and instantly go to war with different races, species or factions. Sounds cheesy? Because it is. The story is far from a written masterpiece, but it’s somewhat memorable. Tenno (your characters) use biomechanical suits to channel and better use their unique abilities, so called warframes. Later on it is revealed that Warframes are actually somewhat of a biomechanical shell that is connected to the Tenno’s mind… Yeah. It gets complicated. Thee game doesn’t focus a lot on the story and rather wants you to play without asking too much, if any questions. There is the PVE modes where you fight against the AI, but I found the PVP modes and fighting against other players a lot more fun. The mission select screens are visual and nice with the tasks and objectives scattered around the galaxy and planets. Although sadly enough, you don’t see whether the planet has missions or not, so you might waste some precious time.

What Warframe suffers from the most is the lack of detail. Story is bland, mechanics are average and the tasks, quest and game modes are monotonous and repetitive. Can you guess the template? Go there, shoot them, destroy that, enjoy the victory. Just like in any other space shooter, this is the key to victory and progress, which isn’t a bad way when done right, but in Warframe it just feels unfinished with completely 0 variety, just different locations and that’s it. A redeeming factor is that these environments are quite nice looking and won’t annoy you from the visual side, at least. Pay to win is also an option if you’re rather impatient, but I have never preferred this type of playing. The co-op and multiplayer has an element of strategy that you have to combine your own squad of a healer, tank and a damage dealer. It’s essential to combine a good squad because you might fall short against a more powerful swarm of enemies. The suits though, are the true stars of Warframe. They are purchased and grant your character with many different special abilities. Pacing is by choice and what is particularly enjoying is that you feel like the Top Dog – in control of the battle that you’re in.

Pay to win deserves another mention because it’s really prevalent here. The regular progress is so slow it’s mind boggling, so in order to progress a person naturally might lean on to paid content. After ~3 hours of gameplay I was still at level 1 and had very few upgrades to work with… This feels on purpose and the paid options are so expensive that it really asks a moral dilemma about the developers and the game.

Overall, there is some variety to Warframe, but only if you’re in to playing the same missions over again. This shooter falls flat on its money greedy back and is only fun with your friends. To progress you’re going to have to waste endless hours or consider in-game purchases.


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