Thoth (0)

First release date
Mac PC
Carlsen Games
Double Fine Productions, Inc.

THOTH is a trippy, abstract twin-stick shooter created by Jeppe Carlsen, lead gameplay designer of Playdead games LIMBO and INSIDE. Carlsen had thought about designing a game inspired by Geometry Wars and Robotron 2084 even before he started working on LIMBO. This game was the ultimate version of these ideas.

Players progress through the levels of the game by shooting all enemies, turning them into ghostly voids that relentlessly chase the player. The game is focused more on tactics and crowd control than twitch reactions.

The game can be played solo or with two players cooperatively. When playing with a second player, the first player to die will become a ghost void that haunts the player.

The main sequence of levels are numbered from 64 to 00 and are divided into sets of 4 levels, each set introducing new enemy types and gameplay mechanics. If the main 64 levels are completed, the player gains access to randomly generated levels.

The abstract graphics and intense horror-like soundtrack hint at something bigger, although no explicit story is ever told. The game may or may not take place in ... Space Egypt.