Space hulk: Deathwing review

It’s easy to look through the smoke and mirrors of this game. The interface, graphics, playability along the performance issues are all poorly limited. Although facing a lot of negatives, this game has a lot of going for it as well. It’s a derivative of WarHammer 40000 as it’s based in the same universe. And you can’t really go wrong with a dark, chaotic space shooter… Right?!?

Well yes, and no. Really, the developers are going to attract genre lovers and the Warhammer franchise lovers to the scene. What matters is the detail surrounding the base which the game lacks. A lot. The scenery and maps, rooms are all usually almost completely dark and not in “put me in the mood” type of way, the darkness makes it far from spooky and sometimes extremely hard to navigate. The story isn’t compelling, nor is it trying to be thus paving the way for a disaster of a game. Well, to be frank, it isn’t all that bad. There are some badass moments when spraying 100 bullets and blasts to an unaware swarm of alien/troglodyte/zombie type of enemies. The variety of classes isn’t as broad as it claims to be, because they all seem similar in style of play, there isn’t much change.

Another issue it faces is repetition. After a few hours the dreary AI and lacking companions and allies tend to get on your nerves. The atmosphere doesn’t help too, if you’re looking at the textures from a far, it’s okay if not good, but from up close they look outdated and terrible. You know what? The game just feels… Unprepared for the market and the players. It has some great ideas and you can witness that while playing, but things like texture quality, frame rate drops (which are quite too frequent) and other annoying issues could be fixed and noticed before releasing the game. It feels as if someone unexperienced and bleak took the opportunity to lead the creative process for the gameplay while the truly creative people were pushed aside. Although Warhammer 40K fans are going to find things for their liking even they have to admit that this lowers the standard for the series. This game tries to be something it isn’t.

The other thing worth talking is the story. Space Hulk: Deathwing's single-player campaign, the story surrounds the player (you) who represents the Dark Angels 1st company as a librarian. Different to other games bearing the name Space Hulk, this is the first one to not have a turn-based gameplay and rely on First Person Shooting. That is very visible, that people were really better at something else and made a project with a great idea and vision, but pure execution

By progressing through the story you can unlock upgraded weapons. Tyranids are the antagonists in the Space Hulk series. This time they threaten Deathwing organization and you and your team must repel their attacks.

There is also a multiplayer mode in which players can choose their characters.

So, at best this game is lacking. If I would have to be completely honest, I would recommend trying it, but only with a friend or in co-op or multiplayer as it is most fun to play that way. Check out our co-op guide for more information about it.

Rating: 5.1/10


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