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There are a lot of great characters in Gears of War that we all fell in love with and formed a bond with. In Gears of War 4 one particular character returns to the game – Marcus Fenix. His son JD is now fighting alongside him and along with other friends and characters fight their way against the Deebees and the Swarm. So, here are the list of main characters in Gears of War 4.

Marcus Michael Fenix (63) – Protagonist of the previous games, Gear soldier and a legend, war hero, Marcus is an aggressive person with a short temper, but stays professional most of the time. Father of JD he tries to mentor him a lot. His son wanted to leave the COG, while Marcus tried to talk him out of it, starting a loss of warmth between the two. But after some unfortunate events Marcus and JD are reunited and start their own adventure to save the world.

James Dominic “JD” Fenix (mid 20’s) – JD was a former Gear soldier, who tried to follow in his dad’s footsteps. An accident forced JD and Del to go AWOL and during the time they found another friend – Kait. JD is an idealist and has an unbreakable loyalty and a sense of protection towards his friends and family. Despite his disagreements with Marcus (his dad) they shared a mutual father-son care for one another and by combining their best qualities, form a kick-ass squad.

Kait Diaz, also called Kaitie – an outsider. She met JD and Del in and Outsiders community just right after the two went AWOL. Voiced by Laura Bailey, Kait is a playable multiplayer character with six unlockable skins. In singleplayer though, she seems patient to most things, but with some topics temper loss is unavoidable – rescuing her mother. She can defend herself and voices opinions quite often, trained by her ex-Gear soldier uncle, Kait also knows how to fight and defend herself.

Delmont “Del” Walker – A former Gear soldier, who along with JD got in to something weird and after a classified incident went AWOL, took refuge and met Kait. Del has his motivations to fight since he lost both of his parents in the aftermath of the Locust war. He had great intelligence and earned a place in a gifted children school, there he met JD. They became close soon and was accompanying JD to his family estate and was close to a Fenix family member himself.

These are the main characters of Gears of War 4. Hope you did enjoy our list and short descriptions of them. Send us your thoughts and suggestions, follow us on social media and have a fantastic day, cheers!

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