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Wildlife – animals live all around the Kyrat and interact with you as you move, roam around the map or if they’re predators – attack you when you least expect them to. There are 50 animals in total in the game, most of them are regular animals that you’d expect to find in the Himalayan Mountains, but others are really unique and strange. We’ll go over the list of animals, describing the more unique ones (if they are unique indeed). Let’s get started!

Asian Rhino – these are usually relatively calm, but if you can surface their rage they become destruction machines. Sometimes they flee from combat, but they are really resistant to damage, it takes up to 80 bullets from the AK-47 to kill them.

Attack Dog – these are the dogs that the Kyrati Royal Army use. Attack dogs can almost instantly locate you and then send signals to the guard having them sent after you.

Bait – Not as much of an animal rather a tool that is thrown in order to attract nearby predators. You can create diversions, distractions or even lure animals on to enemies. You get bait by skinning animals.

Beehive – bees aren’t dangerous unless shot upon. If you see a beehive over an enemies head, don’t hesitate and shoot at as you will make the bees angry and they’re going to attack.

Clouded Leopard – one of the most rare and valuable animals in FC 4, as its pelt goes for over 8000 rupees. You can use bait to attract them. Usually found in Southern Kyrat.

Elephant – one of the most welcome additions to Far Cry. Elephants withstand up to 50 rounds of AK 47 bullets before falling. You can mount them and become a killing machine stomping over enemies.

Mad Devil – one of the rarest animals, the Mad Devil is a relative of the Tibetan Wolf and its skin can be used to craft the final wallet upgrade.

Yeti – ancient ape/human like beings that resemble the snow people. Extremely aggressive and fearful, they attack anything that disturbs them and can endure a lot of damage. Ajay encounters a Yeti after escaping the prison, but passes out. Without a doubt, this animal causes the largest debate and the most shake-up. You can find them in the valley of Yetis.



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