Far Cry 4 characters

Far Cry 4’s story is filled with interesting and diverse characters that complete the mysterious world of Kyrat and make it both unique and fun to play in. With positive and negative characters surrounding the whole world of Kyrat. Here in gamespedition, we’re going to give you a list of the main characters and a brief description of their characteristics. Hope you are going to enjoy!

Ajay Ghale (1988) – The protagonist (your controlled character) – Ajay Ghale is a Kyrati-American man in his mid20’s who arrives in Kyrat to grant his mom’s last wish: spread her ashes at Lakshmana. He is the child of Ishwari (his mom) and Mohan who are the founders of “The Golden Path” – a rebellious group trying to fight against the oppression of Pagan Min – a monarch who is reigning over Kyrat. Ajay is kidnapped by Pagan Min during the first moments upon arrival. His next steps are strengthening the Golden Path and fighting against the Royal Army.

Pagan Min (1966-2014) or (1966) optional – Pagan Min is a 48 year old Hong Kong/Kyratian, a sun of a drug lord and ruler of Kyrat also the main enemy of Far Cry 4 and Ajay Ghale. Pagan has his own motivations as a Burmese King named “Pagan” slaughtered his family, after it he started building a criminal empire. He introduces himself to Ajay from the get-go and offers “the World” to Ajay. During the story – Pagan Min doesn’t show extreme anger and hatred towards Ajay which seems strange given his association with the Golden Path. He occasionally contacts Ajay and sends his regards or just some sarcastic messages. In the end you have the option to either spare or kill Pagan. Depending on it, the ending of the game changes.

Amita (1988) or (1988-2014) optional

Amita is one of the two most proficient Golden Path leaders. During the game you get power balance choices and you have to decide whether to side with Amita or Sabal (the other leader of the Golden Path). Amita is a progressive leader opposite to Sabal who accents traditions more.

Sabal (1978) or (1978-2014) optional

Sabal is the other leader of the Golden Path. He and Amita fall in to a lot of heated debates regarding the future of the rebellion. Sabal has more of a conservative view while Amita looks at everything from a progressive view.

Bhadra (1999 or 2000)

The 14 year old Kyrati girl is a native citizen of Kyrat and has always lived amidst a civil war. Bhadra is considered (by the member of the Golden Path) the reincarnation of a goddess, named Tarun Matara. Sabal and Amita try to control Bhadra, but do it in different ways, Sabal tries to protect and deny her outside information and to prevent external dangers, while Amita tries to teach her and prepare Bhadra for the rough reality.

Longinus (1963 or 1964) – he is the main arms/guns dealer in the Kyrati region who serves the Golden Path, sort of. Besides his arms trade, Longinus has a lot of interesting side quests for Ajay to complete.

Published in Far Cry 4

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