Doritos VR Battle (0)

Doritos VR Battle
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Doritos VR Battle is an adverware title where you get pick up Doritos in Virtual Reality. Originally built so that two YouTube stars could battle against each other in a video intended to go viral, it was subsequently released on Steam in 2016 for everyone to play.

Game Structure

The full Doritos VR Battle experience takes place across three gameplay phases. All phases have the player moving along a rail at a set speed. It's possible to complete all three phases in five minutes if you never die.

Phase 1: Grab Doritos. In this phase, you must grab Doritos with your hands to score points while also dodging obstacles that slowly move into the play space. If you grab Doritos with extra Dorito Dust, you'll gain a bonus.

Phase 2: Grab More Doritos. This is the same as Phase 1, however spikes can quickly shoot out into the play space.

Phase 3: Shoot Doritos. The player is given two double barreled Dorito Shotguns, and must use them to shoot Cyber Doritos that are floating in space. While doing this, enemies may spawn and run towards the player.