20 Years of Counter-Strike and What’s New Today

Counter-Strike has now been around for 20 years!

And when it comes to the growing popularity of eSports, CS: GO is considered by many to be the catalyst. LAN competitions and online matches with people betting skins … and eventually cash. CS: GO is thought to be the origin of eSports betting as well, which is why virtually every sportsbook has CS: GO odds on the major tournaments. In that vein, since there are so many to choose from, check this Bovada review to make sure you are not getting stiffed by choosing the wrong eSports book.

Retro Dust

If it’s been a while since you’ve played CS: GO, you might want to revisit the game that started it all. To commemorate its two-decade history, you can now play an old-school version of Dust II in the casual Dust II maps section. 

Though the way they did it is tricky and has thrown a lot of people off, thinking that they had just gotten trolled by Valve. The Dust 2 switches between the retro version and the current version, but between rounds. They must have been trying to keep the new map in the limelight.

Other Great Updates


Did you notice that Aug is different? The change isn’t visual. What they did is make the Aug similar to other rifles in reducing its rate of fire as well as making the hip-fire accuracy a tad worse when you are not scoped. So, it won’t be so easy to take enemies down at range on the run; you’ll have better luck actually sighting down the optics to get your kill shots.


Chickens … there’s a new sticker capsule dedicated to the CS: GO unofficial mascot, the chicken. Now, you can get stickered up with all things chicken!

Danger Zone

No, not Archer ...there are a bunch of new updates to the DANGER ZONE. For starters, you get issued a random pistol during warm up, which is good because it forces you to get familiar with different handguns and how they feel. It also serves to make the warmup time a bit more exciting. Additionally, you will now spawn a bit closer to your teammates instead of on the other side of the map, which seems to happen so often. So, DANGER ZONE is now fostering teamwork. Finally, they got rid of duplication when it comes to disarming opponents.

Pro League News: Latest Rankings

Team Liquid took the trophy in Occitanie over the weekend, and they stay atop the World Rankings as the No.1 team. G2 Esports was the runner-up followed by mousesports and NRG Esports.

 Current World Rankings Top 10:

  1. Team Liquid 1505
  2. Vitality 1408
  3. Astralis 1402
  4. ENCE eSports
  5. FURIA
  6. NRG eSports
  7. MiBR
  8. Mousesports
  9. North
  10. G2 Esports

Wednesday’s IEM Chigaco Qualifier Action will See compLexity vs. Evny and Riot Squad taking on New Identity. compLexity is a -3.5 round favorite over Envy and New Identity is a massive 4.5 round favorite over Riot Squad.

IEM Chicago

Will complexity and New Identity qualify to join the likes of Team Liquid, ENCE, MiBR, Team Vitality, Renegades, and G2 in the IEM this July? 

It’s looking like that will be the case, but CS: GO can be fickle, we just may see a dark horse enter the action in the Windy City!


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